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Denver Meeting related translations : Part 3( PeriyAzhwAr )

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 05:26:36 PST

The two paasurams of PeriyAzhwAr ( 3.3.3 & 3.3.9 )
relate to the anubhavam of PeriyAzhwAr as YasodhA ,
who is beaming with pride about her son and at the same time 
angry at herself  for the injustice that she had done to Him .

Earlier in the day , YasOdhA had sent KaNNan to the forest 
to graze the calves and the cows . She spent all day in sorrow
and anger over her insensitivity on sending a little child into 
the forest ( BrindhAvanam ) without suitable protection against
the elements and other dangers that He would be exposed to .  
At the end of the day , KaNNan returns home full of dust resulting 
from His exertions of the demanding work . His beauty however is 
undiminished . When YasOdhA sees her child's triumphal return 
with His friends and cows , she is overjoyed . She celebrates 
the beauty of her divine child and invites other women of AyarpAdi 
to come and enjoy the beauty of the Lord .She chastises herself for 
her hard heart over consenting to send her little one to 
the forest in support of their livelihood . She begs KaNNan 
to stay home next day and thereafter  .

Paasuram 3.3.3 : kAduhaloodu pOyk kanrugaL----

O DamOdharA who wore kOdal flowers on Your tresses 
as alankAram , while You were engaged in running ahead of 
the calves to intercept them from getting lost form the herd ! 
Your entire body is besmirched with the dust generated by 
the movement of the herd . O dear one with the beautiful
dark blue complexion similar to that of a peahen ! I have prepared 
all the ingredients for your cleansing bath to get rid of the dust 
and the dirt from your exertions . Please come here and 
take your bath and thereafter  have Your dinner. 
Your father is waiting to join You at dinner . 
He has not eaten yet .

Paasuram 3.3.9 : tiNNAr veNN sangudayAy ------

O Lord who is holding the powerful white varisangham 
(conch ) in Your hand ! KaNNA ! Seven days from today 
is  when your birth star , ThiruvONam , is going to
be in ascendance . I have started already with the festivities
to celebrate Your birthday . I have invited the beautiful ladies
known for their skills in music and gifts of beautiful speech 
to perform angurArpaNam and the subsequent mangalAsAsanam .
I have stored the rice and vegetables in vessels in anticipation 
of the celebration of Your birthday that is approaching .
>From tomorrow onwards , please do not travel to the forest to
graze the cattle . Please decorate Your beautiful limbs with
jewelery and stay home with me to enjoy Your company . 

PeriyAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE saraNam