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Denver Meeting related translations : part 5 : ThirukkurunthAndakam --15& 16

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 05:26:56 PST

In these two pasurams , Thirumangai performs
maanaseeka thirumanjanam and decorates the Lord with 
beautiful garlands through mAnasa Vaachikams .

In paasuram 15 , AzhwAr celebrates RaamAvathAram 
and performs SnAnAsanam to the Lord .

In paasuram 16 , he enjoys the other avathArams of
the Lord and performs alankArAsanam to them . 
The various Incarnations of the Lord saluted here 
are : Rama , KrishNa , Thrivikrama and  KurmAvathArams .   

ThirukkurunthAndakam : Paasuram 15 ( munpolArAvaNan --)

In the distant TrEthA Yugam ,  the valiant HanumAn went 
as Your messenger to the court of the evil RavaNA and taught 
latter a lesson by setting fire to his capitol City of LankhA with its 
crenellated ramparts and returned safely to Your side at Risyamukha
mountain to prostrate before You and to share with You the good
news of locating Your consort  at AsOkha Vanam . You were thrilled 
to receive that news and stood in wonderment about the matchless
service performed by HanumAn . When I think of that moving occasion ,
all my bones  melt and even in that state of formlessness ,
my mind filled with my affectionate devotion for You becomes ripe
with  Jn~nam and transforms itself into the perfumed , sacred water
( parimaLa theertham ) to perform Thirumanjanm for You .

ThirukkurnthAndakam : Paasuram 16 ( maya mAn maayaccheythu ---)

O valiant Lord who killed the mayAvi Maarichan , when he took the form
of the golden deer to distract Your consort  , O Lord who entered 
between the pair of maruthA trees to redeem the two YakshAs 
from their curse , O my Master , who expanded skyward to measure 
the universe as ThrivikramA , O the mighty one , who supported 
the MandhrA mountain on Your back as a giant tortoise and lifted it up 
from the bottom of the milky ocean to serve as a churning rod to bring 
the nectar out , I am utterly grateful to You for Your anugrahams . 
I , Your devoted servant  will show my thankfulness to You 
for Your mahOpakaarams by  decorating You with 
sacred garlands strung together  from the words  
of my paasurams ( Naama KusumAnjali ) . 

Kaliyan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam