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Denver Meeting realted translations : Part 4 --Thiruviruttham : paasuram 21

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 17 1997 - 05:27:52 PST

In this paasuram , AzhwAr is speaking as 
Paraankusa Naayaki . He chides her friends and 
mother for belittling the Lord , her object of intense
desire . She sets them straight . Nayaki"s friends
and mother were complaining that Parankusa 
Nayaki need not dance before the Lord to please Him 
and it was His turn to dance before their lovely Nayaki ,
just as He did once before Nappinnai to win her hand . 
Our Nayaki protesed vehemently and praised 
the wonderous deeds of Her Lord with this paasuram .    

Paasuram 21 : Soottu nanmAlaigaL -----

O my supreme Lord ! In Your distant parama padham ,
the NithyasUris  were performing  Your Thirumanjanam 
with sacred waters ; they were carrying  in their hands 
the beautiful flower garlands and were offering 
dhUpa and deepa Aradhanams . As the cloud of incense rose and
acted as a screen between yourself and the assembled NithyasUris ,
at that very moment , You took off for Gokulam  as a maayAvi 
to go after Your favorite sport of eating  stolen butter . After  that 
enjoyment , You went amidst the horns of the seven ferocious bulls 
assembled at Nappinnai's house and fought with them 
as if You were entertaining Your would-be bride with a dance 
performance of Yours ! You won the beautiful Nappinai 
as the winner's  prize for your agile  "dance " .

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam