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thiruppaavai - 7 (thaniyan - 2)

From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Tue Dec 16 1997 - 22:25:29 PST

uyyakkondaar arulicheydhathu

anna vayal pudhuvai aandaal arangaRkup
pannu thiruppaavai palpadhiyam -  innisayaal
paadik koduththaaL naRpaamaalai poomaalai
soodik koduththaaLaich chollu.

Recite the name Andaal, who was born in srivillipuththur
(where swans roam the fields), and who adorned Renganaathar with a garland
of paasurams (paamaalai - thiruppaavai), and garlands of flowers.

Our aachaaryaas say that uyyakkondaar, in this thaniyan says that
reciting the name Andaal is better than reciting her paasurams.

We all know that in thiruppaavai, Andaal mainly talks about Krishnan. Then
how is it that uyyakkondaar says that Andaal adorned Renganaathar with
paamaalai and poomaalai? In nachchiyaar thirumozhi, the 11th paththu -
thaamukakkum, Andaal gave us 11 paasurams, all on aranganaathar.

uyyakkondaar aruLicheythathu

soodikkoduththa sudarkkodiyE tholpaavai
paadi aruLavalla palvaLaiyaay - naadinee
vEnadavaRkku ennai vidhiyenra immaaRRam
naankadavaa vaNNamE nalgu.

Oh the one who gave garlands to the Lord after wearing them! Oh Godhaa,
who gave us pure nOnbu towards the Lord through thiruppaavai! Just as you
asked kaamadEvan to join you with thirevEngadamudayaan, let us not forget
that and go beyond that.

In nachchiyaar thirumozhi 1st paththu thaiyoru thingaLum, aandaal  requests
kaamadEvan to unite her and Kannapiraan. In the first paasuram, Andaal
requests kaamadEvan to unite her with thiruvEngadamudayaan -
(veyyathOr thazhal umizh chakkarakkai vEngadavarkku ennai

This thaniyan basically is us requesting Andal to create in us her bhagavath

Aazhvaar emperumaanaar jeeyar thiruvadigaLE saraNam,

Thirumalai Anandanpillai Varadhan