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Copy of: ANDAL's VaaraNamAiyram : NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi --6th Thirumozhi

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RE:     Copy of: ANDAL's VaaraNamAiyram : NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi --6th

This translation is from Dr.V.K.S.N. Raghavan 
that appeared in the Journal of the Madras University
during 1984 . I have made very few changes
from the original . Dr. Raghavan  is the current 
President of  the VisishtAdvaitha Research Society 
in Chennai .

Paasuram 1 : VaaraNamAyiram ---

Lord NaarAyaNA surrounded by thousands of elephants ,
comes in procession (through the main roads of the city ) .
He is given a hearty welcome (by Brahmins well versed in
the Vedic lore ) with golden pots fileld with water (PoorNa-
Kumbham ) and the city is well decorated with festoons 
(and arches ) all over --thus , indeed had I the dream ,
O dear friend ! 

Paasuram 2 : nALai Vadhuvai ---

The bride's ( i.e.,  my ) marriage is to be held tomorrow ; thus 
the wedding day is finalized (as a prelude to this function , today ) 
the majestic Lord NarasimhA ( kOLari ) , known as MadhavA ( Lord
of Lakshmi ) and GovindA ( saviour of souls ) and who is mighty and
brave as a bull , came and entered into the pandal (wedding stage )
decorated with spathes of areca-nut trees --thus indeed , 
had I the dream , O dear friend ! 

Paasuram 3 : IndiranuLLitta ----

The entire hosts of Gods including Lord Indra  came
and spoke to my parents ; then , they chose me as a bride 
(to be married to Lord VishNu ) . Then (my Lord's sister ,
Andari ( i.e., Goddess DurgA ) dressed me with the mantirakOdi
( mantra -vastrA = the wedding saree ) and garlanded me
with wreaths of pleasant smell (fragrance)  --thus indeed , 
had I the dream , O my dear friend ! 

Paasuram 4 : NaaRRisai theertham ---

Many learned great BrahmaNAs , bringing the holy water
from all the four directions ,sprinkled the water on us (both the 
bride and the groom ) .They recited the Veda mantrAs loudly ,
in a very high pitch . Then , the priest (purOhithA ) tied the auspicious
threads as the protective wrist -bands ( kaapu ) around the fore-arms
of my Lord and myself . My Lord , the holiest of the holy (Punithan =
Pavithran ) had already taken the ceremonial bath and was 
decked with fragrant flower garlands --thus , indeed , had I 
the dream , O dear friend ! 

Paasuram 5 : KathiroLi dheepam ---

The beautiful young damsels , holding the mangaLa -dheepams ,
which were ablaze ,  bright like the Sun and also carrying the water-
filled golden jars in their hands , came in a large group and 
welcomed the bridegroom , viz., the Lord of MathurA ; and He had
put on the gem-set paadhukhAs (sandals ) and entered into 
the vivAha -mantapam treading as He was , making the whole of 
the earth tremble with His power and  strength -- thus, indeed , had I 
the dream , O dear friend ! 

Paasuram 6 : MatthaLam kotta ---

As the drums and other percussion instruments were beaten 
and spiral -lined conchs ( vari sanghu ) were blown , underneath
the Pandal bending low with the weight of pearl garlands , my aunt's
son ( maitthunan ) -Sri KrishNA , the supreme Lord MadhusUdhanA 
( the slayer of the demon Madhu ) came and caught hold of my hand --
thus , indeed , had I the dream , O dear friend ! 

Paasuram 7 : vaay nallAr nalla ----

The eminent Brahmins well-versed in Vedic lore chanted
the select manthrAs in the UddAthA mode (high accent )  , placed
the green darbhA grass and samiths ( palaasA twigs ) as
paridhi , on the four sides of the sacred fire . Then , the Lord KrishNA , 
who is majestic like a wild elephant ( haughty and  furious ) 
caught hold of my hand , and led me around the sacred fire
(chanting the Vedic hymns appropriate to saptha Padhi ) --
thus , indeed , had I the dream , O dear friend ! 

Paasuram 8: Immaikkum marumaikkum ---

The Lord NarAyaNA , the perfect one , the only
refuge for all souls here (in this birth ) and in all
sevenfold births , and the only Master of all of us 
made me touch the grind stone (ammi ) with my foot , 
i.e., catching hold of my toe by His glorious and reddish 
hand of supreme splendor --thus, indeed , had I 
the dream , O my friend ! 

Paasuram 9: Varisilai ---

My elder brothers , who have eye-brows like the bow
and glittering faces , lit the sacrificial fire and made me
stand in front of that fire altar . They asked me to place 
my hand over the hand of  my Lord , who never forsakes
His devotees ( Achyuthan ) and He is the Lord Narasimhan 
as well . Then , one of my elder brothers took few handfuls 
of parched grain ( pori ) and put them into my hand for the sake
of offering those grains to the holy fire (laaja hOmam ) --thus ,
indeed , had I , the dream , O dear friend !

Pasuram 10 : kumkumam appik kuLirsAndham ---

Both my Lord and myself were besmeared profusely with
the fragrant unguents like the saffron powders and the cool 
sandal paste ( their admixture being thickly pasty ) ; then ,
we were given a joyous ride over a caparisoned elephant ,
which went in procession through the decorated royal and 
auspicious streets; and at last , we had  a ceremonial bath
with perfumed holy water --thus, indeed, had I the dream  ,
O my dear friend ! 

Palasruthi Paasuram 11: AayanukkAha ---

People, who recite these ten verses , constituting a pure
garland in Tamil --(1) delineating the dream of Sri GodhA , 
stating in sequence hte marriage of her with Lord 
Sri KrishNA ( Aayan , GopAlan ) and (2) the composition of 
Sri GodhA , the foster-daughter of PariyAzhwAr of the famous 
vEyar kulam and Sri VillipputthUr --will beget righteous children 
and lead a prosperous life . 

Sri GodhA PirAtti ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam