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Sri Tirumanjanam Kannan's posting

From: Vijay Triplicane (
Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 17:58:35 PST

	We all affectionately remember Sriman TS SundaraRajan from 
srirangam who used to contribute in this list. His elder brother 
Sriman Kannan is here with his son. Kannan mama and Rajam mami are very 
learned and they both are very interested in sharing their knowledge,
anubhavams... Some of the nettors around Chicago area would have attended
mami's talk on thiruppAvai couple of months back.
Let me post some of their interesting tidbits here...

-Vijay Triplicane

Srimate' Ramanujaya Namah

Respected Bhagavadottamas,

I am one, devotedly following the discussions on this Bhakti mailing list.
I belong to Tirumanjana Kainkaryam of Srirangam, a temple work assigned to
by Bhagawad Ramanujacharya.  I've had the privilege of being guided by
unparalleled late Prativadi Bhayankaram Annankaracharya Swami of
from 1974 till is demise around 1984.  He corrected me on the following.

Word in incorrect usage                  Corrected form
1. Swamigal                        1. Swami

Note : The rule 'Poojyayam Bahu Vachanam' will not apply in Tamil;
Will apply only when referred to in plural in Tamil.

2. Satrumarai                      2. Satrumurai

This refers to the pattern to conclude any rendering. e.g., Divya 
Prabanda and Veda parayanam.

3. Vaishnavism                     3. Vaishnavam
Sri. T.S.Sundararajan concurs with this. I recollect his posting such a correction on this mailing list at the beginning of the year.
Late Swami Annankaracharya gave this correction in a vidwat circle at Kancheepuram in Nov 1974.

4. Swayam Acharya Purusha                4. Acharya Purusha
Note : None other than Sriman Narayana, who imparted Tirumantram to
Piratti, are Swayam Acharyas.

5. Prabandam                       5. Divya Prabandam
Not an incorrect expression through, Specifies Alwars' 4000
Arulicheyal verses. Refers to any specific text.

6. Hinduism
Does not refer to any religion in general or in particular.  India was
known as "Bharata Varsha", "Bharata Canda", "Hidustanam" and now "India".
The expression Hindus is to claim antiquity/citizenship in present India.
As one moves with people of various religions, I encountered this 
expression "Hindus", used as a cheap effort to divert/compromise - to
be exact, to make us only to lose our "Vaishnavite" identity.

I highlight Vaishnava specialized expressions.

1. Adisil           	- Prasadam, plain rice
2. Negizhamudhu         - Kuzhambu/sambar
3. NegizhkaRiamudhu  	- koottu
4. kaRiamudu        	- Cooked vegetable in solid form
5. Satramudu
     or Saru Amudu  	- Rasam
6. Tirukkannalamudu 	- Payasam
7. Puliyorai        	- Self-explanatory
8. Dadiodanam
     Dadi udanam    	- Curd rice
9. Tirumaarudal         - TirumaNam ParimArudhal
10. TadieeyArAdhanam     - honoring with feeding adiyaar - Vishnu baktas
11. SambAvanai
       (not Sambavana)   - Tamil equivalent for presents with wishes
12. Dhandam samarpiththal
       (Dhandan idal)     - Tamil expression to fall/prostrate at the feet
of Sri Vaishnavites

I pray for Sri Sundarajan's pardon for my any incorrect English.

VENum dhAsan,

Tirumanjanam Kannan