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Pavai-1- by prof. Bhuvarahacharya

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Date: Mon Dec 15 1997 - 09:49:47 PST

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>Subject: Pavai-1
>Dear Sheela
>I'm enclosing Sri ESB's notes for the first paasuram
>of Tiruppavai.Being the basic stanza it is a little
>long.The rest will be shorter.
>I'll send them as and when I get them.
>                          SRI
>        INTRODUCTION: Sri ANDAL is the Quintescence incarnation
>        of Sri BHUMI DEVI the Divine Consort of SRIMAN NARAYANA,
>        who took birth on this earth to liberate suffering human
>        beings from worldly bondage.She sang thirty sweet songs 
>        containing the cardinal principles ofSriVaishnava Dharma
>        during the month of MARGAZHI.Singing these songs,with
>        understanding of their inner meaning, will bring to us
>        peace, prosperity and above all Divine Grace.
>        ANDAL, though a Brahmin girl, assumes the guise of a
>        cowherdess and yearns for Everlasting Happiness and
>        Service of the Lord.It is the age-old practice of
>        Sri Vaishnavas to sing these stanzas every day of the
>        year in the presence of the Lord in the temple as
>        well as in their homes.This practice assumes special
>        significance during MARGAZHI so much so that each day
>        of this month gets its name from a pasuram,like for
>        example the first day (12.16.97) is called MARGAZHI-
>        TTINGAL.
>        It may appear in the beginning that Andal is intending
>        to perform a particular religious vow to marry the Lord
>        and thereby obtain His Everlasting Company,and that she
>        is inviting all her girl friends to join her.It is only
>        towards the end of TIRUPPAVAI that we learn that she
>        did not actually go to any pond or river or perform
>        a religious rite; SHE IS ACTUALLY PRAYING TO BE GRANTED
>        Soul's inner craving to redeem itself and to reach
>        His Divine Nearness in order to serve him (" Attaani-
>        cchevagam" as her father PERIYAZHWAR calls it) which
>        forms the real purport of this poem.
>        The first stanza which states the central premise to be
>        elaborated in the rest of the poem contains the
>        following ideas:
>        1.Andal praises the day (NANNAL)that has appeared of
>        its own accord for the observance of the vow.What it
>        means is that for a soul,that day is the Good Day when
>        he understands all about himself and God and their
>        mutual relationship of Lord and Servant which is stated
>        in the Tirumantram.
>        2.The fruit in getting one's body is for serving the
>        Lord here and hereafter (NEERADA PODUVIR)
>        3.All those who have a longing for the service of the
>        Lord are qualified to join her.(PODUVIR PODUMINO)
>        4.She speaks of the radiance that attended on the face 
>        of her companions on hearing her requisition.(MADI
>        NIRAINDA ;the moon is not in the sky alone!)
>        5.The prosperity of Gokula consists of Sri Krishna's
>        amiable pranks in stealing butter and girls; i.e.,the
>        wealth of a Sri Vaishnava consists of his intoxicating
>        love for and enjoyment of Lord's company.
>        6.Nandagopa's vigilance in guarding Krishna with his
>        very sharp spear in hand symbolises the "ASTHANE
>        characterises a SriVaishnava.
>        7.Yasoda's over-indulgence of Krishna is responsible
>        for all his pranks and misbehaviour towards the young
>        gopis.
>        8.SrimanNarayana is the SOLE MEANS of attaining His Feet.
>        This strikes the keynote of the Song Divine-TIRUPPAVAI.
>        NARAYANANE (Upaya Nirdesa) NAMAKKE (Adhikari nirdesa)
>        PARAI (Phala nirdesa) TARUVAN.The safest means of securing
>        Him is not Karma yoga etc but His Grace only.
>        That is the sum and substance of this verse.