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"SenniyOngu " : Part 2

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 14 1997 - 08:25:59 PST

Paasuram 1 : SenniyOngu ---

O Thiruvenkatamudaya residing on the top of
the cool hill reaching towards the sky ! O Lord 
with anantha kalyANa guNAs , who has elected to
reside there to confer Your blessings on all 
the chEthanAs ! O Master who has the gift and 
power  to ignore the profound trespasses by 
Your adiyArs ! I am seeking Your grace only as 
the redeeming fruit for my athmA and its house , 
the body . What would You wish to do now ? 

Paasuram 2 : PaRavai yERu ParampurudA ---

O Parama PurushA   who sits on Garudan 
and uses that veda svarUpi as Your
vaahanam ! After Your acceptance of me with
no other recourse  as Your servant in Your role 
as Sarvarakshakan , the ocean of fearsome 
SamsAram has dried up and I have no more fear of it . 
Thanks to Your grace and DayA , the forest of sins ,
which was about to put an end to my efforts to
seek You as saviour is being burned away totally.
The nectar -like river of Jn~Anam keeps on 
flowing .

Paasuram 3 : YemmanA ! Yenn kuladhaivamE ! ---

O my Emperor ! O the supreme divinty of my kulam ! 
O my nAyakA ! Who else can aspire for the great 
blessings arising from Your boon of offering me(adiyEn )
residence under the coll shade of Your Thiruvadi ? 
The sins of the people of the world , which tormented us
and laid us low like the works of formless  apparitions  and
evil spirits  are themselves under Your holy feet and 
are unable to breathe or move. They seem to have run 
away once Your grace fell on us and have hidden
themselves in to distant bushes . What a miracle 
to witness and experience ? 

Paasuram 4 : Kadal kadainthu amudham kondu ---

O Lord with mighty shoulders and powerful arms 
adorning Sudarsanam and Panchajanyam ! 
O mighty warrior using the great bow named 
Saarangam as Your weapon in battles ! Just as 
You churned the milky ocean and filled the kalasam 
( golden pot ) with nectar , I have opened my mouth 
and drank deep and stored You as the insatiable
nectar (AarAvamudhu ) and this experience is melting 
my body with joy . Now , Even the Lord of punishment ,
Yaman can not approach places , where my sceptre 
and rod holds sway .

Paasuram 5 : Ponnaik kondu ---

O my matchless Father ! O Lord who has the power to
command all my five senses to be totally engaged in
service to You ! O Master who can protect my AthmA 
from becoming a slave to others ! Like  a gold smith
uses the testing stone ( uraikkal ) to rub the gold to test its
quality , I have positioned You on my tongue and changed 
it to transmute it from its  base nature into that of shining gold.
Thanks to that sweet experience of chanting Your divya 
nAmAs , my tongue has been sanctified . I have now 
housed You , who is not easily attained even by Yogis ,
in my heat cavity. I have also made my lowly self as Your
servant . 

Paasuram 6: unnudaya Vikkiramam ---

O Lord who incarnated as ParasurAmA with the weapon 
of axe (parasu ) to destroy the arrogance of the kings ! 
O ParasurAmAvatharA with fullness of kalyANa guNAs !
I have painted in the walls of my heart all of Your valiant 
and brave deeds completely like an artist drawing paintings 
a canvas . O Supreme Being ! Where can You go now 
after rsiding inside me ? You can not go anywhere 
and leave me .

Paasuram 7 : Paruppathatthu kayal ---

O Lord who imprinted Your lotus red feet on my 
head as insignia of Your status as my Lord just as
the paandyan king imprinted the sign of the fish  
as a mark of his soverignity over the mountain 
of MahA Meru !  O Lord who broke the tusks of 
the mighty elephant ( KuvalayApeetam ) of KamsA !
O parakramasAli , who destroyed the powerful
wrestlers ( ChANUran and Mushtikan ) in KamsA's 
court ! I keep reciting names such as these 
that remind me of Your unsurpassed heroism 
with my tongue  that carries the marks of that 
exercise . You have blessed me by making me 
one of Your own as a result of my repeated recitation 
of Your heroic names . 

Paasuram 8 : Ananthan paalum ----

O tall Lord with Sudarsana chakram in Your hand ! 
You have entered my heart and rejuvenated me 
and made my life a blessed one ! This You seem to 
have accomplished by reducing Your affection for 
the seats of AdisEshA and GarudA as places of Your
residennce . Thinking about this magnificient blessings
of Yours , I am going to rest now with a heart filled 
with gratefulness and eyes filled with tears .I will 
keep remembering the mahOpakAram You did 
all the days of my life and feel relieved from worries 
of any kind . 

Paasuram 9 : Panik kadalilum ----

How can I describe Your sowseelyam ? 
You have forgotten Your habit of resting comfortably
on the cool , milky ocean and ran away from there to
reside in the ocean of my heart ! O Lord who is capable 
of performing such miraclous deeds ! O the Lord of 
MahA Lakshmi ! O Lord full of auspicious guNAs ! 
You have discarded the matchless places of 
Your erstwhile residence such as Milky ocean and 
the orbit of the Sun and have chosen my lowly heart 
as yYour preferred seat of residence . Your sowseelya
guNam is beyond describtion . 

Paasuram 10 : TadavarayAi miLirndhu ---

O Lusturous Lord  who shines like a resplendent
flag on the top of  a lofty  mountain ! How great is
Your affection ( vaatsalyam ) for me ! You have cast
aside Your preferred residences at the milky ocean ,
Srivaikuntam and the city of mighty ramparts , dwarakA 
and have chosen to reside inside me .

Paasuram 11 : pala Sruthi -- vEyar tangaL ---

Those who recite these  ten verses of 
VishNuchitthan of the vEyar kulam in whose heart 
resides Gopaalan with  the hue of dark blue rainy cloud 
will never ever be separated from the Lord and will be
blessed with the Nithya kaimkaryam for Him ,
who is the bull among the cowherds of AyarpAdi and 
is the nectar for the pious sages like SanakA .