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SenniyOngu taNN ThiruvenkatamudayAi --Denver Meeting Contribution

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 14 1997 - 08:25:20 PST

Dear BhakthAs : 

Srimathi Nagu satyan asked me to translate the most
beautiful , valedictory statement of PeriyAzhwAr's Thirumozhi 
for the forthcoming Denver assembly of Sri VaishNavAs .

AzhwAr has now reached the stage of the last decad of his 
Thirumozhi Kaimkaryam . He gratefully acknowledges 
the sowbhaagyams that came his way as a result of 
the entry of the Lord in his heart for permanent residence  .
These verses are the most moving statement of AzhwAr's 
blissful experience as one , who has become krutha krithyan .
I will cover the topic in two parts. The first will be an introduction 
to the verses that serve as a fitting finale to PeriyAzhwAr's 
mangalAsAsanam  of Sriman NarAyaNan . The second part
will be a translation of this decad starting with the paasuram,
SenniyOngu taNN ThiruvenkatamudayAi " . May the Lord of
Sapthagiri and His dear AzhwAr bless us all !

The Mood  & Context of the ten verses 

Azhwar reminds us that Sriman NaarAyaNan manifests 
Himself in Para , VyUha , Vibhava , AntharyAmithva 
and ArchAvathArams for correcting the chethanAs and
to enlist the corrected chethanAs in His nithya kiamkaryam .
AzhwAr points out that these two activities are fully 
demonstrated by ThiruvEnkatamudayAn at  Thirumalai . 
His soulabhyam , dayA , bhaktha Vaatsalyam  are  experienced
by AzhwAr and he pays his tribute to the kAruNya raasi 
standing on top of the VenkaTam hills .

AzhwAr started with the singing of the ThiruppallAndu
to the Lord , His consort , His divyAyudhams and His
bhagavathAls . Then he shifted to assume the role 
of YasOdhA pirAtti to enjoy the bala leelAs of the Lord
in KrishNAvathAram . In the last few decads , he concentrated 
on slected divya desams , UpadEsams for us , prayer for
anthima smrithi of the Lord , NaicchAnusandhAnam ,
SaraNagathi , the union with the Lord at the level of his heart 
and the banishing of all the disease of samsArA as a result .
He is thus in a celebratory and thankful mood by the time 
he arrives at the last decad of his Periya Thirumozhi . 

After relating to the doctrines of  Arthapanchakam in the  
verses of  Periya Tnirumozhi , he is coming to the stage
of acknowledging with utter gratefulness  the limitless 
blessings conferred on him by ThiruvenkatamudayAn . 

He has now a clear understanding of the five tenets of
Artha Panchakam : Paramathma SvarUpam , JeevAthma-
SvarUpam , UpAya SvarUpam , Pala SvarUpam and 
VirOdhi SvarUpam . The acquisition of this  Jn~anam
makes him very happy and contented since he is 
comforted by the pramANam , " Jn~AnAn Moksha : " . 
He is also comforted by the thought that the five tenets
of Artha Panchakam are compressed in the three
rahasyams ( MoonRil Syrrikkiya Eindhu ), which he  
has been celebrating in number of his paasurams .  

ThiruvEnkatamudayAn witnesses the joyous and ebulient 
mood of the AzhwAr and worries as to whether He has done 
enough for His dear devotee and " father-in-law " . The Lord
is somewaht agitated over this thought of not having done
enough . AzhwAr responds to the mood of the Lord of Thirumalai
and says : " EmperumAnE ! Sarva Swami ! VenkatEsA  ! 
All my enemies that interfered with my pursuit of Moksham
have been driven away by You . I have obtained what all I
sought from You .I have understood the deep meanings 
of Artha Panchakam and therefore I am enjoying niradhisaya 
Aanandham . You have now given me every happiness and
accepted my kaimkaryam . Please rest Your mind since 
there is nothing more that I need " . AzhwAr concludes his
prabhandham in this celebratory , thankful and grateful 
mood . The " SenniyOngu " decad ( Periya Thirumozhi 5.4)
covers these magnificient thoughts of a Kruthaj~nan ,
who has performed Prapatthi at the sacred feet of the Lord 
and who is comforted by the Lord's acceptance of 
his prapatthi . Periya Thirumozhi started with the concern
for the Lord's well being in this evil world( pallAndu ) and ends 
with an assurance to the Lord that he (AzhwAr ) has been
fully rewarded by Him and that there is nothing else he needs
anymore .   

PeriYazhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
Oppiliappan Koil VaradachAri Sadagopan      

mforts the Lord and asks Him not to worry anymore 
on his behalf