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Need Info : Gostipuram Svaami

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 18:01:48 PST

Dear Sri Gopalaswamy :
ThirukkOshtiyUr ( Sri GOshtipuram )
Sowmya NaarAyaNAchArya Swami lived for 
65 years on this earth from 1878-1943 .
He is one of the legends of his times and today too
for his illustrious contributions as an
authority on Sri Kosams of Sri VaishNavism .
He was born 19 years before Abhinava Desika 
Sri UttamUr VeerarAghavAchArya Swamy , 
( Grandfather of our Sri Anand ) , the savant 
who tirelessly examined the Sri Kosams of 
earlier AchAryAs to establish the authenticity 
of texts before commenting on them .UttamUr Swamy used 
Sri Goshtipuram Swami's tradition as one of the most
authentic one .Such is the greatness of this
Swami from GOshtipuram . 

Dr. S.M.S. Chari , the author of many clear 
texts on Sri VaishNavism is a disciple of 
Sri Goshtipuram Swami and had kalkshEpam 
of Sri Rahasya Traya Saaram under Goshtippuram
Swami . Regarding the latter's AchArya parampara ,
it is traced in the AchArya Vamsa Vruksham ,
a chronology released during the occasion 
of UttamUr Swami's centenial celebration
this January .Some one , who has that text can 
trace the paramparai .


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Subject: Need Info : Gostipuram Svaami
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Curious about Gostipuram Sri Sowmya Naaraayanaacarya Svaami's 
background & guru parampara.

Could knowledgeable members help ?

                                                       HarE KrshhNa!