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thirup pAvai - ANDAL - part 3

From: Mudumbi, Ramagopal (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 15:14:01 PST

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> Subject:	thirup pAvai - ANDAL - part 3
> Dear bAgwathALs,
> Sri ANDAL thiruvadikaLE saraNam
>      While the azwArs  delivered so many  pAsurams and enjoyed the
> immense  beauty  of  the  lord  it  is  said   sometimes  in  some
> perspective that they also did so, for themselves.  But it is said
> by some vyAkyAana karthAs that periyAzwar who saw the Lord in kali
> didn't  want the lord to get the bad omen from the eyes of many of
> the kali folks.  Hence he delivered pallANdu for the Lord, wishing
> the  Lord  many  thousands  of years of life.  HE is ever  present
> i.e., present  beyond the measure of the time.  However the notion
> to wish  someone is  spontaneous  in good  people's  mind and that
> makes them tens of  thousands  of time  superior to others.  i.e.,
> pala muRai  periya azwar anAr ivar.  But his daughter  ANDAL, sang
> pallANdu for the thoNdars and bAgwathALs by delivering the essence
> (Sri Varadhan will touch on this important aspect of Srivaishnavam)
> of the upAyam that she  undertook  for the benefit of the kaliyuga
> vAsis.  Thus she stands as "pala kOdi  periyavaL  and thus she not
> only rules the ithayam or heart of the Lord (She is living  there,
> ie.,"thiru  mArbinan",  but also  rules over all of our hearts and
> hence known as "ANDAL" or "the one who rules our  hearts".  thirup
> pAvaiyum  thirup  palliezhuchchiyum  seyalAl peyar peRRavai.  ie.,
> The  whole of thiru  pAvai  is  itself  considered  as Nonbu  ie.,
> undertaking "saranAgathi or surrender at the feet of the Lord" and
> it is  considered  that one who is  chanting  these 30 verses  and
> surrender  to  the  Lord,  the  Lord  accept  it as a  paripoorana
> saraNAgathi.
> May Lord Narayana and Bhakti List Members pardon my Azwar and
> Bhagavatha Apacharam!  Longtime ago I read an article mentioning that
> PeriAzwar wrote ThiruppAvai in the pseudoname of ANDAL.  I would
> appreciate if any learned Bhakthi List members comment on this.
> Ramanuja Dasan
> Ramagopal Mudumbi