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Req uest (to facilitate Conference)

From: Satyan, Nagu (
Date: Fri Dec 12 1997 - 09:58:49 PST

In support of the  December Sri Vaishnava Philosophy Conference, we are
assembling transliterated copies of pancha sookthams and
nityAnusandhAnam.  I have downloaded  the meanings for pancha sooktham
from the homepage.   We have the meanings of ThirupaLLAndu and
ThiruppAvai.   I was wondering if any of you have the summary meanings,
in English, for the following pAsurams.  Our desires are to provide
copies of the pAsurams (as well as meanings) to the participants to
follow  during thirumanjanam and other times of arAdhanA.   If someone
does have the meanings as a soft copy, would you please email as soon as
possible to following email address (home address).  Thanks for your
support.  In case you have as  hard copy, please let me know so I can
provide you a fax number of my friends.  This weekend, we  will be
finalizing the manual we are trying to put together.  Any help is deeply

thirunedun dhAndakam (2046, 2047, 2498, 246, 252) 
poochootal, kAppidal, senniongu, 
amalan adhipirAn, 
kaNNi nuNsiruththAmbu, 
nAcheeyAr thirumozhi (vAraNam aayiram, 556-566)

nagu satyan