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Thiruvaaimozhi 1.8- The Greatest Grandest Lord!

Date: Thu Dec 11 1997 - 05:27:17 PST

Dearest sisters and brothers,
	Let us enjoy the mudhal patthu, eighth thiruvaaimozhi.
1. OdumpuLLEri, sUdumthanduzaay,
needu ninRavai, aadum ammaanE.
"Emperumaan- who always stays with ever-permanent dEvAs, will come running
to us on His GarudA. He is adorned by cool ThuLasi maalai (Garland)"

2.ammaanaayp pinnum, em maaNpumaanaan,
vem maa vaay keenda, sem maa kaNNanE.	
"KaNNan, the One, who has Big, Large, ruddy-lined eyes, tore the "kEsi"
asuran's mouth and killed him, who came disguising himself as a wicked
horse to kill the kutty kuzhandhai kaNNan."

3.kaNN aavaan enRum,  maNNOr viNNOrkku,
thaNN aar vEngkada, viNNOr veRpanE.
"Emperumaan- who is at Tirumalaa- ThiruvEnkatam- the cool place,- the place
where dEvAs stay- such Emperumaan is always the EYE of all people
(belonging to both worlds; - viN and maN)"

4.veRpai onRu eduththu, oRkam inRiyE,
niRkum ammaan seer, kaRpan vaikalE.
"My bhagawaan- who stood effortlessly lifting the "Govardhna giri"
(mountain) with His little filnger above his head as an umbrella (for a
shelter to His entire cowherd group during the heavy rains)- Such Empeumaan
and His greatness- I will enjoy talking about Him everyday"

5.vaikalum veNNey, kaikalandhu uNdaan,
poy kalavaathu, en  mey kalandhaanE.	
(enna language!- poy kalavaathu, en mey kalandhaanE- simple and great;)
"At aayarpaadi, kaNNan everyday ate the butter with both hands (stealing
only- Nobody gave Him- One uses both hands and tries to optimise the little
time available); Such kaNNan- "poy kalavaadhu en mey kalandhaanE"- truly
merged, mixed and united with my body."

6.kalandhu en aavi, nalan gkoL_naathan,
pulan koL maaNaay, nilam koNdaanE.
"Emperumaan- who united with me and accepted the servitude of my aathmA- is
the One who attracts the eyes and the minds; is the One who obtained the
three measures of His feet (from bhali)"

7.kondaan Ezvidai, uNdaan Ez vaiyam,
thaN dhaamam seydhu, en eN thaan aanaanE.
"Emperumaan- tamed the Seven Oxen for Nappinnaip piraatti; ate and consumed
the seven lOkAs in His stomach; - He thought of me as the Cool Parama
padham (Sri Vaikunta lOkam) and came to me as desired by me;"

8.aanaan aan aayan, meenOdu Enamum;
thaan aanaan ennil, thaan aaya sanghE.
"Emperumaan- kaNNan- the Cowherd boy looked after the cows and calves; took
variuos avathaarms like masya and koorma avathaarAs; Like this, if counted,
it has "sanghu" or" sangham" number (Can any one help me to understand this
"sangham" number ?- Is it number 10 in Thamizh?) "

9.sanghu sakkaram, angkaiyil koNdaan,
engkum thaanaaya, nangaL naathanE.	
"Our Lord- Emperumaan- filled entirely here, there and everywhere  Has the
Divine Conch (Sanghu) and the Discuss(ChakrA) in His beautiful hands."

10. naadhan jnAalam koL,  paadhan, en ammaan,
Odham pOl kiLar, vEdha neeranE.	
" Emperumaan- The Chief of all worlds; The One who measured the Universe
with His Lotus Feet; The One who has all kalyANa GuNAs (attributes) in Him
which reverberate in vEdAs like waves of the Ocean." 

11.neer purai vaNNan, seer sadagOpan,
nerdhal aayiraththu, Ordhal ivaiyE.
"The Greatest kalyANa guNAs of Emperumaan (who has the colour of Blue Hued
Oceanic waters) have been enjoyed and sung by our AzhwAr in these excellent
ten pAsurams (out of 1000 pAsurams); One has to read, re-read and know to
the fullest extent these ten pAsurams; (They are of such great calibre)"

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

DAsan madhavakkannan