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From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 10 1997 - 19:51:11 PST

Dear Sri Chakravarthy :

It is a pleasure to learn about your
connection to ThirukkOLUr . 

The following additional particulars 
might be of interest to you on this divya desam :

PerumAL : NikshEpa Vitthar ( Vaittha Maanidhi ) 

ThAyAr : Kumudavalli and KOLUr Valli 
( Two Tanikkovil NaachiyArgAL--Unusual )

Theertham : KubEra theertham

VimAnam : Srikara VimAnam ( what an appropriate Name!)

Prathayksham : KubEran , Madhura Kavi AzhwAr 

Sthala PurANam : Parvathi cursed KubERan for a trespass
and he lost his nava nidhis and  became a pauper. 
KubEran did penance here and got blessed by the Lord of
this divya dEsam , who protected the navanidhis 
( sangha Nidhi , Padma nidhi et al ) .The Lord 
thus become the Vaittha maa nidhi ( NikshEpa Vitthan )
He is supposed to protect them under His control
even today .KubEra's curse dissolved here (Saapa-
vimOchanam ) . This sthalam is also known as 
adharma pisunam ( telling tales by Adharmam ),
since Adharmam lost its battle 
with Dharmam here .

The 12 pasurams are by NammAzhwAr . AzhwAr
is taking on the ParAnkusa Naayaki rUpam 
and is hurrying towards ThirukkOLUr . The mood
of the Naayaki is total absorbtion in the Lord.

The first paasuram is the most famous one ,which
summarizes the mood of a great one for whom 
the GeethA Vaakyam holds a mirror : VaasudEva 
sarvamithi sa mahAthmA dhurlabha :" The passuram 
comes from the mouth of the bewilderd mother , who
feels rightfully that she has lost her lovely , little 
daughter to the maayAvi of ThirukkOLUr . 

AzhwAr describe this divya desam as 
" tenn disai tilatham anaya ThirukkOLUr "
( this divya desam , which is a veritable tilakam
on the forehead for the southern part of the world ).

The first paasurams commented on by AlavandhAr ,
RaamAnujA is " UNNum sORu paruhu neer--" In the tenth
paasuram, the mother concedes grudgingly about the
power of attraction of this divya desam this way :
" -- others will follow suit to the same place ;
yes, yes ,through her , many can reach this Lord's
abode " . ParAnkusa nayaki is described as the 
maarga darsi or trend setter , who leads others 
thru her own longing pilgrimage . 

The Azhagiya MaNavALa PerumAL NaayanAr has 
tersely pointed out in his sUthram about the
significance of this divya desam this way :
" kaimudal izhandhAr uNNum nithiyin 
aapathsakathvam puhumUrilE samrruddham ".

The particular guNa visEsham of the Lord here is 
coming to the help of those in distress ( Appath
sakhathvam ) . He is a foul weather friend for 
those , who have lost everything , but consider Him 
as the nourishing food , thirst quenching water et al .
AzhwAr enters this divya desam to come into contact 
with "her" nidhi ( PuhumUr samruddham ) . 

The Lord ( Moolavar )offers His sevai by 
supporting His head with uplifted left hand 
as if he is looking at KubEran and us .Azhwar 
acknowledges that Bhujanga sayana sevai with
the paasuram words : " Selvam malhiyavan
KIDANTHA  ThirukkOLUr " .The  mood of the words 
used by AzhwAr thru the mouth of the mother
are most enchanting and moving .

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

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My pranams to all,
Let me introduce myself,I hail fro a small village near Thirunelvelli
called Anantakrishnapuram.My parents and I have been living in Madras
for the past 2 generations(i.e.,  since my grandfather)I am currently
studying a Masters in Industrial Relations program at the London School
of Economics,London and thus seem to be the youngest(aged 22yrs)
amongst those in the 'living room of sorts' so my purpose would be to
learn more about our sampradaya than perhaps contribute to the
discussions per se.
I have for the past few years been intensely drawn towards The
Shri.Kumudhavalli Thayar samedha, Shri Vaithamanidhi Perumal
Koil,Thirukolur.(One of the Navathirupathis).The village is also the
avathara sthalam of Shri.Madhurakavi Azhvar.I would appreciate any
information on the shrine as to date I have only the relevant pasurams
sung on the Lord in the DivyaPrabhandham.

Yours Respectfully
Pradeep Chakravarthy