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A.S. Raghavan - who is he?

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Wed Dec 10 1997 - 09:21:50 PST

I have a book entitled "Vishishtadvaita" written by one A.S. Raghavan which I obtained in India. It is a blue book with a sillouhette of a devotee in a sitting posture on the front cover. From what I have read of this book, it seems to cover all the essential tenets of Vishishtadvaita philosophy in a very easy-to-read format.

What I was wonder is, how is this A.S. Raghavan regarded in the Sri Vaishnava sampradaaya? There is some implication from his writings that he is an initiated devotee. Is this true, and if so, who is his guru? Is his book generally considered authoritative, or are there any inaccuracies? 


H. Krishna Susarla
UT Southwestern Class of 1999
(my opinions are my own)