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Thiruvaaimozhi 1.7 - Sriman NarayaNan & AzhwAr- Made for Each Other

Date: Tue Dec 09 1997 - 04:58:07 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
Following is the Excellent ten of Thiruvaaimozhi which will drive and chase
all kinds of diseases from us:
1.piRavitthuyar aRa jnAnatthuL ninRu/ thuRavichchudar viLakkam
thalaippeyvaar/ aRavanai aazhippadai anthaNanai/ maRaviyai inRi manatthu
 "To alleviate the pains and pangs of births (and deaths), one stays in
jNana yOgam and enjoys the faultless, ever blissful, self illuminating
(swayam prakAsa) ("antharyaami") athmaa- Such people never ever forget the
Lord and always retain in their minds - the Lord, Emperumaan- who is the
embodiment of Virues and all kalyANa GuNAs- who has the Powerful Sudharsan
chakrAyudham with Him- who loves and affectionate towards all beings."

2,vaippu aam marundhu aam adiyavarai valvinaith/ thuppu aam pulan aindhum
thunjakkoNdaan avan / eppaal evarkkum nalatthaal uyartthu uyarndhu/
appaalavan engaL aayar kizhundhE/ 
"My emperumaan- the Chief of cowherd group- does not let His dearest
devotees get caught by the strong five sense organs leading them in the
path of their destinies, ill fated lives and destroying them; He is like
the dearest Great wealth and treasure for the bhakthALs; He is the Medicine
for the adiyaargaL to remove their diseases of any kind, whatsoever;
(vaidhyO NarayaNO Harih:) That Such a Lord- for everyone and at everywhere,
is at the TOP MOST position (Highest) due to His Blissful nature and His
Greatness and is  EVEN ABOVE and BEYOND THAT HIGHEST (what we can think

3.aayar kozhuNdhaay avaraal pudaiyuNNum/ maayap piraanai en mANicka
jOthiyai/ thooya amudhaip parugip parugi en/ maayap piRavi mayarvu
 (Sisters and Brothers, Those who know thamizh, please re-read the above
once again to get the sweetness of "maayap piraanai, en mANicka jOthiyai,
thooya amudhaip parugip parugi"- Etthanai azhaghu! Etthanai azhagu ?-
Sweetness soaked in those words, this is akkAra vvadisal- )
"The Chief of cowherd group- the mischievous boy who gets beaten by His own
guys (cowherd group) due to His leelAs; He is a form of bright illuminated
light of emerald beauty! He is the Purest amirdham (Nectar); I drank that
sweet nectar of Emperumaan and enjoyed to the meaximum extent and got rid
of my "anjjAnam" (Igonorance) which was in me due to my illusory life;"

4.mayarvu aRa en manatthE manninaan thannai/ uyarvinaiyE tharum oN sudark
kaRRaiyai/ ayarvu il amarargaL aadhik kozhundhai en/ isaivinai en solli
yaan viduvEnO/
 "Emperumaan- who always stays in my heart to erase my "anjjAnam"
completely; who granted me the great  "jNana - bhakti"; - who is the bright
bunch of light rays;- who is the Chief of dEvAs(who do not know what is
"anjnAnam"-means they know  the Truth)  who granted me the
capacity/maturity to attain Him  Such Emperumaan- will I ever leave Him
considering some of His faults? No. I will NOT (because He does not have
any fault)"

5. viduvEnO en viLakkai en aaviyai/ naduvE vandhuuyyak koLginRa naathanai/
thoduvE seidhu iLa aaychchiyar kaNNinuL / vidavE seidhu vizhikkum
"Emeprumaan- who like a LIGHT shows me everything; who is my "Life" (uyir);
who came on my way unannounced, without notice and captured and took me
over ("ThadutthAtkoLLI"fied me); who with His mischiefs and plays with
young "Aayar" (Cowherd girls) girls and enjoyed teasing them (which made
their eyes well with tears); - Will I leave such an Emperumaan? NEVER."

6.pira(A)n peru nilam keeNdavan pinnum/ viraa(A)y malarth thuzhaay vEindha
mudiyan/ maraamaram eidha maayavan ennuL/ iraan enil pinnai yaan ottuvEnO/
"Emperumaan is the Chief of everyone; He dug and lifted the Big Earth,
during His varaagha avathaaram; He is adorned by "Sugandha" (Good smelling)
garland of Thulasi leaves; He, as Sri Raama aimed one arrow and pierced
through Seven "maraa marangaL" (trees) and performed a wonder (while Sri
Raama was tested by sugreevaa); - Such an Emperumaan- If He does not stay
at my heart, will I be able to live? (No!)"

7.yaan otti ennuL irutthuvan enRilan/ thaan otti vandhu en thani nenjai
vanjitthu/ oon otti ninRu en uyiril kalandhu iyal/ vaan ottumO ini ennai
Line 1: otti- agreed; Line 2:otti- took a vow; Line 3:otti- joined; (What a
Great poet!- How rich is His thamizh!- Simply great!)
"I do not think I agreed and made Him stay in me!- Emperumaan- He Himself
tooke a vow to come to me, made my independent free mind a slave to Him
("vanjitthu") and joined into my jeevan !- Now will He agree to leave me
and go? NEVER."

8. ennai negizhkkilum ennudai nan nenjam/ thannai agalvikkath thaanum
killaan ini/ pinnai nedum paNaith thOL magizh peedu udai/ munnai amarar
muzhu mudhal thaanE/
" Emperumaan- He has the pride born in Him due to His embracing hugging the
Beautiful shapely shoulders of Nappinaip piraati- He is and becomes
Everything for the dEvAs from time immemorial; _ Such a Great, Strong
Emperumaan- who has all kinds of strengths in Him- even if He decides to
leave me, He can NOT separate my GOOD mind from Himself; "

9. amarar muzhu mudhal aagiya aadhiyai/ amararkku amudhu eendha aayar
kozhundhai/ amara azhumbhath thuzhaavi en aavi/ amarath thazhuviRRu ini
"Emperumaan- who is the primordial Chief of dEvAs in all respects and
kinds; - who gave "amudham" (Nectar) to those dEvAs; - To such an
Emperumaan- my "uyir" (atmaa?- mind?) longed, desired and mingled closely
with Him and intertwined with Him beyond repair and redemption; Can it now
ever separate itself from Him?  It can NOT; (Dearest sisters and brothers,
Have you noticed? Previous pAsuram- AzhwAr says emperumaan can NOT separate
Himself; this pasuram- It is the mind that can NOT separate itself from
Him;- Both of Them are MADE FOR EACH OTHER; )"

10. agalil agalum aNugil aNugum/ pugalum ariyan poru allan emmaan/ nigar il
avan pugazh paadi iLaippu ilam/ pagalum iravum padindhu kudaindhE/
"My Bhagawaan- Emperumaan- If someone approaches to Him for material
benefits and leaves Him after getting what they wanted, He leaves them
reluctantly, with a HEAVY Heart (aiyO paavam perumaaL- How many times we
would have done that to Him?- Poor Lord- at least hereafter let us not wish
to leave Him); if the same person even after getting his desires fulfilled
and still he desires and wishes to stay put with Him, (like we desire now)
He willingly stays with them always; - He is unapproachable for those with
evil mind and thinking; He is VERY EASILY attainable for those with Good
(spiritual), pure mind and thinking; - With such limitless attributes and
kalyANa GuNAs, He is  unparalleled and equal to none (Nigarillaadhavan-
'oppillaadhavan - oppiliappan)  We will never take rest from such an act
of enjoying such Emperumaan's GREAT GLORIES day and night; "

11.kudaindhu vaNdu uNNUm thuzhaay mudiyaanai adaindha then kurugoorch
sadagOpan/ midaindhu sol thodai aayiratthu ip patthu / udaindhu nOygaLai
"Emperumaan- whose Head is adorned by The ThuLasi maalai (garland), with
Honey bees entering and drinking the Honey from the Garlands (such fresh
leaves and divine smelling thirutthuzhaay ) Prostrating such Emperumaan,
our NammAzhwAar, -the one who is born in the Beautiful Thirukkurugoor-
composed a closely knitted garland of words in his Thiruvaaimozhi of 1000
pAsurams; Out of those 1000, these ten will chase and drive and melt all
kinds of diseases (from us) (including the Grandest disease of samsaaram-
births and deaths)"
May all of us be blessed by the Great AzhwAr and His Greatest Emperumaan!

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

dAsan madhavakkaNNan