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From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Mon Dec 08 1997 - 22:54:10 PST

Dear bhAgavathas,

My thanks to those of you who sent your kind words and good wishes for our
grihapravEsham.  The function went off extremely well under the direction
of the knowledgeable and traditional priest from the Srinivasa Sannidhi in
Aurora Illinois, Sri Jaganathachary.  

We began the day with an elaborate thiruvAradhanai to Perumal.  The priest
led Sri Varadhan and myself in a very inspiring recitation of
nityAnusandhanam.  Following this, we took Perumal to His new home, and
performed Sri Sudarshanar Homam. Sri Jaganathachary was quite happy to see
not only several interested guests at the occasion, but also the
participation of an eager gOshti at this homam, which included my father
(Sri BTA Sagar) Sri B G Satyan, Sri Varadhan, Sri Keshav Rajagopalan and
myself. He took the opportunity to conduct the homam to the recitation of
Sri Sudarshana satakam.  This was followed by Sri Purusha suktam and Sri
suktam homam.  

Madhuri and I are now slowly settling into our new place, and are very much
looking forward to having it blessed further with the presence of the
bhAgavathas who will be attending the December SriVaishnava Conference.

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adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,