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Re: Prabanda Parayanam

From: Satish Bukkapatnam (
Date: Sat Dec 06 1997 - 15:36:45 PST

During anadhyananam period, in addition to chanting desika prabandham
(vadagalai) and  upadesa raththinamaali, etc. (thengalai), I  have
known (especially in vadagalai goshti's) naalaayira thaniyan is
chanted for sevakaalam and the last 2 stanzas of tiruvaimozhi
and iramaanusa noothanthaathi are chanted for saathumurai).

On a different note, I am this question for quite some time:
Almost all aazhwaars have ignored varadaraja perumal for some reason.
I can recall only boothathaazhwaar (aththiyUraan..) singing in 
praise of varadar. What was the reason for this? Please excuse me if
this question has been already answered earlier.