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Thiruvaaimozhi 1.5 -The Greatness of Thirumaal

Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 20:46:40 PST

Dear ones,
I do not know whether you received this which I posted on last thursday; I
am resending it; If you hace already received 1.5, please ignore this and

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
	These ten pasurams are about the Greatness of Sriman NarayaNan.
1.	vaLam Ezh…ninaindhu naindhE…"The Lord of dEvAs, who is the Chief
primordial Lord of the Fertle Seven lOkAs, - I have been thinking of Him
and am longing for Him and melting. I am calling Him as "The Thief! Who
stole and hid the butter and even shined in that stealing profession, too!
". Further more, I will call Him as "Oh My Lord, the One who is Youthful
and hugged The Seven Oxen; and who came as the Lord of Nappinai- the one
who always wore the flower bud-like smile on her face!"

2.	ninaindhu ninaindhu ….maayOnE…" Oh bhagawaanE!, the One, who always
makes me wonderstruck! The dEvAs and GnAnis and all other people keep
thinking of Your kalyANa GuNAs, and with trmendous affection and love ,
bhakthi for You, pay obeisance to You with garlands of scented flowers,
Holy waters for Your Holy bath (thirumanjanam), sughandha (Good smelling)
"saambhiraaNi" smoke to dry your divine body after bath, sandal, and
prostrate at Your Lotus Feet- with a thinking that You are just a Form,
Will that GnAnam not belittle Your Greatness, My Lord? (It will definitely)
(Sisters and brothers, it is to be interpreted that He is incomprehensible
and can NOT be just considered as ONE FORM.- It is not to talk less of
BhaagavathaaLs' Bhakthi for Him but to talk more of Lord's Greatness)

3.	maa yOnigaLaai…Or uruvanE…"You, who is My Lord, is the One who created
Brahmaa saying "Go and created the dEvAs (who are blessed with such
births), rishis, and all other beings" and gave brahmaa such knowledge and
power to discharge his duties; You can NOT be reached with any amounts of
knowledge and intellect; You are the One who measured all directions with
Your Lotus Feet; You are the Mother for all kinds of sentient and
non-sentient beings; Such an emperumaan has taken a SIMPLE FORM and entered
into temples! What a Great sowlabhyan!"

4.	thaan Or uruvE…vaikunthan emperumaanE…." Brahman, Rudran, Indran- He was
not one among such; He was the Only One; He has one Form; Without any cause
and effect, He was, as the Only One, as the Primordial One, became within
Him- Brahman, Rudran and Indran and such other dEvAs, Rishis and sentient
and non-sentient beings; - Like that He created all these and at the Cosmic
Cycle end (PraLaya kaalam, which also He Himself creates), and He
undertakes Yoga NithrA in that Ocean which He creates; He is the Most
Wonderful Lord; The incomprehensible Chief; Vaikunta Nathan; My Nathan;" 

5.	maan yEi nOkki…vinaiyanE…" You have reatined the ThirumagaL,
Mahalakshmi, the One who wears the Beautiful eyes similar to the deer,
adorning Your Chest; Hence, You are named the Great Thirunaamam of 
"MADHAVAN". GovindhA, You aimed a round edged arrow at manthrai, the
hunch-backed lady (during RamamyaNa)! You have the Rich Colour of Blue
Sapphire Stone and appear as if the Entire Sky is illuminated by the Blue
Light; You should enable me, the Great Sinner, to get blessed to reach the
abode of Your LOTUS FEET, which bloom along with the Sweetest Honey in Them
as Beautiful Red Lotuses. Please make me reach Your Lotus Feet!"

6.	vinaiyEn vinai theer….adiyEnE…." You are the Medicine for removing the
Disease of my sins for this incorrigible sinner; Oh Lord of dEvAs! Kesavaa!
Oh The Chief of shepherd boys! The One, who stupefies me with Your
wonderful kalyANa GuNAs! Madhavaa! The One, who pierced with just one arrow
the Seven "Acchaa" trees filled with lots of leaves! (Sri Raama pierced the
seven trees with just one arrow while being tested by Sugreevan) Sridharaa!
Oh Lord! The One who has Such Great Names! – Like that I, Your servant,  am
just lamenting and weeping here for Your mercy!"

7.	adiyEn siRiya GnAnatthan….ayarvu uNdE….I am a man with very small, poor
knowledge. The One- Who can NOT be known by EVEN Great knowledgeable
GnAnis;- who wears the cool, sugandha (Good) smelling Holy ThuLasi  leaves'
maalai (Garland);- who has got the name "kaNNan"-, who makes us cross and
get rid of the samsaaric afflictions and the sareera sambhandham (bodily
relation) – (With my such Little poor knowledge) why am I yelling for Him?
Is there anything more foolish than this? (No)"

8.	uNdaai ulaghu yEzh…..maayOnE…."Oh maayaavi! (The Magician!) You had
eaten the Seven lOkAs and retained them in Your stomach; Then You brought
them out and entered into the "silly" (aRpa) human body and ate the butter;
Is it because You had eaten the Universe before and there may be remains of
sand inside Your stomach which may cause You some "Phlegm" (wheezing) and
other stomach upsets, Did You take this "kutti kaNNan" form and eat butter
as medicine to digest that remaining sand?" 

9.	maayOm theeya….moorthiyai saarnthE…"The wicked, Gigantic, Big Cheater
loud mouthed bhoothanai was killed by The Purest Kid- You- Who has sucked
her poisonous milk along with her life- You are the unparalleled, Only Lord
of dEvAs, -You are the Beloved of ThirumagaL (Lakshmi)- You are The Mother
for all Beings; You are Everyone's God and My God, too- You became and
entered into The vigraham as archaavathaaram– I will go nearest to such
Vigraham-my Lord- and thereafter We will never separate from each other"

10.	saarntha iru val vinaigaL…nedumaalE…Oh ThirumaalE! The One- who
destroys the past accrued "sins and virtues"  and removes my "wrong
knowledge" about the Truth (vibhareetha gnAnam)! The One- who corrected me
and determined to let my mind think only of Him and make me reach the
"mOksha" lOkam which is being adorned by Him! The One- who is entirely
filled with the Divine (GnAna) light of intellect and is filled at all
places and all directions! The One- who becomes and is the Life of all
sentient and non-sentient beings! – He is that Thriumaal!"

11.	maalE maayap perumaanE maa maayavanE…illai parivadhE…." ThirumaalE!
EmperummanE, The One who is capable of performing all kinds of wonders and
maayaa! – Like that the one who is yelling and getting maddened with the
thinking of The Lord, emperumaan- is our NammAzhwAr, the one who is the
Chief of Thirukkurugoor- His thousand pAsurams were appreciated and admired
by The Great Poets, singers, bhakthaaLs, and many others – Out of those
thousand- the person who reads these abpve mentioned ten pAsurams, NEVER

(Sisters and Brothers, These ten pasurams really, while writing these made
me choke with heavy throat and tearful eyes; Simple, pAsurams reflecting
AzhwAr's longing for the Lord as well as helplessness of his. – Dileepan
very aptly narrates such pAsurams quite nicely quoting the Gems from
various AzhwArs- Even though he started off such pAsurams after some
unpleasant posts- it is still blessing in disguise to make him write such
Great pAsurams; Elese we will be missing them; May be, it is worth getting
into such posts, if only it ends up in thses Great posts!)

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

dAsan madhavakkaNNan