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Thiruvaaimozhi 1.6- Simple Great Lord- It's easy praising Him- Just Do it!

From: V.Madhavakkannan (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 17:41:51 PST

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,
(There is a request that I post the transliterated version of pAsurams also
to make it more full and easier to read simulataneously along with the

1.parivadhu il eesanaip paadi/ virivadhu mEval uRuveer/
pirivagai inRi nal neer thooi/ purivadhuvum pugai poovE/
"Oh Bhakthaas, who are determined to get a divine Life and have happiness
bloomed in your lives by praising the sarvEswaran who can remove all your
sufferings! Offer Him Holy pure water, then, offer Him Good (sugandha)
smelling "saambhiraaNi" smoke and fresh Good (Thiruvudai)flowers. (When
this pasuram was discussed, namjeeyar asked paraasara bhattar as to why we
should interpret them to specific smoke and flowers; They can be any smoke
(from any wood) and any flower(araLi); For that bhattar smiled and
said,"This is addressed to us, bhaagavathaaLs from nammAzhwAr- Not to the
Lord- Read the Pasuram; AzhwAr is so kind and loving for us that he can not
bear to see us suffering due to the thick smoke irrtating our eyes (from
any other wood) and the thorn pricking us while plucking the flowers For
the Lord; Hence he selected them also in such a way that our sufferings do
not continue any more)

2. madhuvaar thaN am thuzhaayaan/ mudhu vEdha midhalvanukku/
edhu yEdhu en paNi ennaadhu. ahuvE aaL seyyum eedE/
" To my emperumaan, who is the primordial Chief of Old vEdhas- who is
adorned by the Beautiful, cool "thuLasi" garland- if you do not think or
ask as to which and what types of kainkaryams are to be rendered to Him and
are ready to render any kind of service to My Lord and think all service
are to be served by us, then that thinking and love for Him itself is EQUAL
to even doing or rendering the kainkaryam" (Great AzhwAr!)

3.eedum eduppum il eesanai / maadu vidaadhu en mannE/
paadum en naa avan paadal/ aadum en angham aNanghE/
"My mind never leaves its being close to the SarvEswaran, who does not see
the Good in us and accept or see the Bad in us and reject us (He is so
merciful to accept all of us irrespective of what we are!); My tongue
always sings the songs which praise the emperumaan only; My body always
dances thinking of Him and feels as if it is like a God -intoxicated lady
(Deivam yERiya peNN)"

4.aNanghu ena aadum en angham/ vaNanghi vazhipadum eesan/
piNanghi amarar pithaRRum/ guNanghezhu koLgaiyinaanE/
"My emperumaan, (who is being praised and reverred by my body which dances
like a God-intoxicated lady),is enriched with such qualities and attributes
because of which the dEvAs get madly into arguments and blabber (due to
their lack of understanding of incomprehensible Lord)"

5.koLgai koLaamai ilaadhaan/ eLkal iraagam ilaadhaan/
viLkai viLLaamai virumbhi/ uL kalandhaarkku Or amudhE/
"The emperumaan- who never looks into the Good and accepts due to that nor
sees the bad and rejects due to that- He does not dislike or hate the bad
nor like or love the Good; - He enquires the ones who leave and go away
from Him and those who go nearer to Him with their bhakti and becomes the
sweetest, unpralleled nectar for those who unite with Him"

6.amudham amararkku eendha/ nimir sudar aazhi nedumaal/
amudhilum aaRRa iniyan/ nimir thirai neeL kadalaanE/
"The Thirumaal, One who has the Bright illuminated "sudharsana chakram"
with Him- One who gave the Nectar (amudham) to dEvaas- One who lies down on
the Milky Ocean (paaR kadal)- One who is sweeter than the Nectar which the
same paaR kadal brought out."

7.neeL kadal soozh ilanghaik kOn/ thOLgaL thalai thuNi seydhaan/
thaaLgaL thalaiyil vaNanghi/ naaL kadalaik kazhi minnE/
"Sri Raama piraan- who plucked the twenty shoulders and ten heads and
killed the demon king raavaNaa, who ruled Lanka surrounded by Big, Long
Ocean; Prostrate to such Sri Raamaa's Lotus Feet and cross the Ocean of
Time (and Births)"

8.kazhimin thondeergaL kazhitthuth/ thozhumin avanaith thozhudhaal/
vazhi ninRa valvinai maaLvitthu/ azhivinRi aakkam tharumE/
"Oh thondargaLE! (bhagavathALs!- Servants of The Lord!) Remove your desires
for the external things; After removing, prostrate at the Feet of
emperumaan; If you pray to Him, the He will remove our sins which have been
accrued over the ages and many births and give us the ever lasting wealth
of mOksham"

9.dharuma arum payan aaya/ thirumagaLaar thanik kELvan/
perumai udaiya piraanaar/ irumai vinai kadivaarE/
"The Great Excellent emperumaan, who is the Beloved Chief of ThirumagaL,
the One who is the embodiment of Virtues- can remove the consequences due
to our karmaas (both sins and virtues-and enable us get out of this
viscious cycles of births and deaths)"

10.kadivaar theeya vinaigaL/ nodiyaagum aLavaikkaN/
kodiyaa adu puL uyarttha/ vadivu aar madhavanaarE/
Madhavan- The Beloved Lord of Lakshmi- The One who has the Ever Powerful
GarudA (the Bird which destroys the enemies) in His flag, The One who has
the Sweet form of Sriya: pathih- which is pleasing to the eyes and does
good to those who see Him- will remove even the Biggest Most Horribles sins
(of ours) in just a second."

11.madhavanpaal sadagOpan/ theethu avam inRi uraittha/
yEdham il aayiratthu ip patthu/Odha vallaar piRavaarE/
"The Lakshmi pathi- Madhavan- does not look down at us or ignore us due to
His Greatness and Power (such a sowlabhyan is He in spite of His Greatness
and Supremecy!) nor does He desert or leave His devotees by seeing thier
follies/faults;  He does not have even those two negative points in Him"-
so explains nammAzhwAr in these ten pAsurams out of his pure-faultless 1000
pasurams of Thiruvaaimozhi. Those who can read these ten pasurams (or
understand their meanings) will NEVER again be born and suffer"

NammAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLe saraNam

Ram Ram

dAsan madhavakkaNNan