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Re: Prabanda Parayanam

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 16:35:11 PST

In addition, in many homes, the Tamil prabandhams of 
Sri ManavaaLa MaamunigaL are recited during the an-adhyanana
period. (Anadhyana is the time that the Alvar paasurams,
save a few, are not recited as a matter of course). Prominent
among these is the upadhEsa raththina maalai, which is
a work in 74 verses honoring the major acharyas in
MaamunigaL's line.  There is also the "aarthi prabandham",
where MaamunigaL fervently prays to Ramanuja to shed
his blessings on him.  I am not sure if aarthi prabandham
is regularly recited at this time -- those in the know
please correct me.

Is it not true that during saaRRumuRai, thiruppaavai
is generally recited (siRRam, vangam), but not thiruppallaandu?
After all, the anadhyanana period includes the month
of maargazhi in which the thiruppaavai plays the most
prominent part.

Learned members please add further to this discussion.