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Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 10:00:24 PST

Dear Friends,

This message is being forwarded on behalf of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha 
Srinivasa who currently does not have access to the list. 

Namo Narayana,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy

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>Subject: An appeal from thuppul trust
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>Dear Sir:
>I am herewith attaching a text that contains the message to the bhakti
>net for donating to thuppul trust. If you feel that you have to modify
>some of the contents of the text, you are free to do so. I have not got
>a good response in the past two years except you, Dr. V. Sadagopan and
>Dr. Tatachar donating to this temple. As you might know, this temple is
>already in a bad state. I have got the date of vaikunta ekadasi as 8th
>jan. If you find that this is wrong you can correct it in the text.
>Thank you. 
>Lakshmi N. Srinivasa
>Home phone: 781 935 2833
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>Dear members of the net,
>Given below is an appeal from thuppul trust of Kanchipuram. Thoopul is 
>a divya desam in Kanchipuram, Tamilnadu. Sri vedanta desikan was born 
>Thuppul in 12th century A.D and immensely contributed to the literature 
>Srivaishnavism. Swami Desikan did not only contribute to the Hindu 
>philosophy and literature but also lived according to doctrine he 
>Sri Deepaprakasar temple in thoopul is one of the 108 vaishnava divya 
>desam praised by Swami Desikan, and Thirumangai Azhwar. History of this 
>temple is given in my homepage: My homepage URL for thuppul divya desam 
>Every year, during vaikunta ekadasi, a garudotsavam is held for sri
>deepaprakasar, at thuppul. This festival was stopped during the early 
>eighties for some years due to financial constraints. A staunch sri 
>vaishnavite Smt. V.K. Santha had been touring the divya desams in 
>Kanchi with her neighbours of mambalam during this period. When 
>went to the Kanchi Sankara Mutt, H.H. Paramacharya asked in particular 
>Smt. V.K. Santha to revive the vaikunta ekadasi festival of thuppul 
>divya desam.
>A trust was formed by Smt. V.K. Santha and she has been collecting 
>for the garudotsavam every year. I request the bhakthas 
>in the net to contribute for the same. An appeal by Smt. V.K. Santha, 
>managing trustee is also attached with this email. My sincere thanks to
>Dr. V. Sadagopan, Dr. Muralidhar Rangaswamy and Dr. KotiSreekrishna 
>for having contributed to this trust for the past two years. 
>The checks can be made payable to 
>Thuppul Trust and can be mailed to 
>LAkshmi N. Srinivasa
>20, Westgate Drive, #T-1
>LAkshmi Narasimhan Srinivasa and Malolan
>My phone number: (781) 935 2833
>My email addr:
>---------------------APPEAL BY THUPPUL TRUST---------------------------
>Smt. V.K.santha
>Managing Trustee
>Sri C.Gopalachari
>Sri I.V.Krishnamachary
>Sri V.K.Sudarshan 
>Sri V.K.venugopalan
>Sri V.S.Parthasarathy
>Dear Sirs,
> I am sending herewith an appeal for donation from  "THUPPUL TRUST" for 
>favourable consideration. This trust has been formed to perform 
>the"GARUDOTHSAVAM" for Sri Deepa prakasar temple (Sri Maha Vishnu) at
>kanchipuram on vaikunda Ekadasi day every year.
>This temple is situated in the birth place of Sri Vedantha Desika, the 
>reverred vaishnavite Acharya. Several  Alwars(wandering bards and 
>have sung in praise of this deity and this temple is one of the most
>important temple of the 108 Sri vaishnava shrines. The Vaikunda 
>Ekadasi day falls on the Ekadasi Day preceeding full moon in the month 
>margasira (Dec 15 to jan 14). On this day dieties of five ancient
>temples (located in kanchipuram) are taken out in procession on garuda 
>vahanam. This was not performed in the past years in the temple of Sri 
>Prakasar for want of funds.The then senior pontiff of Kanchi Kamakoti 
>"His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswati Swamigal" desired that 
>festival be revived.
>A trust has been formed for this purpose with a view to create a Corpus 
>Fund so that the interest earned out of it could be used for performing 
>utsavam. Balance available out of interest income, if any, will be 
given to 
>temples, Vedic Scholars students who are in need of it.
>I recommend your donating a sizeable amount from you people for this 
>worthy cause.
>																				  MANAGING TRUSTEE.
>NOTE: Vaikunta Ekadasi falls on Jan 8th, 1998.
>		      ------------------
>  	       -------------------------------------
>"THUPPUL TRUST" has been formed as per the blessings of
>HIS HOLINESS JAGADGURU PARAMACHARYA of Kanchi kamakoti peetam to 
>the following objectives.
>a) To conduct utsavams at Sri Maragathavalli Thayar Sametha Deepa 
>   temple at Thuppul near kanchipuram.
>b) To provide,run,maintain, and improve the daily conduct of regular 
>   in temples.
>c) To maintain, repair and renovate Hindu Temples throughout any state 
>states in India.
> d) For the benefit of the downtrodden,especially to promote a 
>feelings in the minds of the public more particularly to feed the 
starving and
>the needy.
>e) To give monetary aid to archakas and other staff employed in Hindu 
>and to their children for education and perfomance of marriage of their
>The above trust has already received a good number of demands and to 
>the same the trust requires sufficient funds.
>The trust is managed by a group of trustees who are all committed
>to the cause of Hindu religion and such activities.
>Your contribution for the above trust would help us to meet the 
>We request you to donate to further strengthen the activities of the 
>Managing Trustee.
>Dated:Dec 02, 1997
>No,20 Thiruvengadam Street
>West Mambalam
>Madras-600 033.
>Fur suggestions or any questions, email or call:
>Lakshmi N. Srinivasa           |      Malolan Chetlur
>Ph: 781 935 2833               |      PH: 513 556 8443
>    |      email:
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