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Prabanda Parayanam

From: T R Govindarajan (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 10:42:13 PST

During Anadhyayanam, chanting of NAlAyira Divya Prabandam is suspended. In placeof them, only NAlAyira Thanians & Desika Prabandams are chanted at home as well
as temples. I have attended Desika Prabandam chanting  at home in the month
of Krithigai. This is the tradition followed in most of temples in Tamil Nadu.
In Sattumurai, when ThiruppAvai and ThirupallAndu cannot be chanted,
"Adaikkala pathu" (Desika Prabandam) is chanted.
Govindarajan Dasan.