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Re: Third branch

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Thu Dec 04 1997 - 14:37:23 PST

At 06:14 PM 12/3/97 -0500, Parthasarati Dileepan wrote:
>I recently came across an article referring to three branches under Sri
>Ramanuja Dharsanam.  Besides the two that are well known, the third is
>described as the one exponded by Sri MEgan^aadhaarya soori.  The Rahasya
>grantham special to this branch is named as "mumukshupaaya sangraham".  It
>seems this branch differs from Sri Desika more in terms of Prapatti and not
>much w.r.t Sri.  Are there any followers and institutions of this branch
>extant?  If so can someone provide more information?
>-- adiyEn

Interesting issue! I remembered to have listened to Dr. N.S. Anantha
Rangachar talking about this Meganadhasuri.  Sri Meghanadhasuri was I think
a senior contemporary of Sri Vedanta Desika who had a different view on
prapatti.  If I remember right the issue was whether prapatti should be
done once or many times!!.  Sri Meghanadhasuri's view was that Prapatti
should be done every day like a nitya karma.  sri Vedanta Desika believes
that it should be done only once for a particular goal : sakrt kartavyam. 

Actually there are several different views which Sri Vedanta Desika refers
to in his Rahasyatrayasaram, which he refers to with "silar" or "anyar"
believe that it  should be like this. This kind of mata bhedam was there
but I dont think that there is any extant set of mutts who belong to those
views like such as Meghanaada Suri or Even Yajna Swamy for example

Adiyen Krishna

Adiyen Krishna Kalale