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Thiruvaaimozhi-1.4 "Please Go and tell about me to my Emperumaan"

Date: Tue Dec 02 1997 - 05:46:53 PST

Dearest Sisters and brothers,
	Our nammAzhwAr has gone into a "nAyikA" bhaavam and sings as if he is
"parAngusa nAyaki". (The purushotthaman is the only purushan and all other
beings are supposed to be sthrees; So it is yet another way of showing
bhakti and yearning for His grace) here is azhwAr's outpourings from the
lady azhwArr (paraangusa naayaki). The lady sends messengers to the Lord
sriman NarayaNan to rescue her and save her. Here we go:

1.	am siRaiya mada naaraai…en seyumO.." Oh naaraiyE! (Crane?), the one who
has beautiful feathers! The one who is ready to offer help!, you and your
beautiful beloved join and take pity on my this sorry state of affairs, and
have mercy on me; Please go to emperumaan who has His GarudA in His flag
and be horror to His enemies; If you go to Him as my messenger, and if you
are imprisoned by Him  will it trouble you? No. here, it is interpreted
that imprisonment is Lord not talking to the bird properly). 

2.	en seyya thaamaraikkaN..vidhiyinamE.." Oh flock of cuckoos!(kuyilgaLE!)
If you go as my messenger and tell Him,( who is my dear
senthaamaraikkaNNan) what I tell you, will it do any bad to you? (No). You
are my friendly kuyilgaL. Aren't you? Because of my sins accrued over so
many ages (births), I have not been trying to render service to His Lotus
Feet. Is it correct on my part not to start that at least NOW? 

3.	vidhiyinaal…enneerE.. "Because of previous good done by you, you are
with your beloved, Oh annap paravaigaLE! (swans) With His intellect and
Greatness, He begged for the entire Universe as "Vaamana avathaaram"; To
such Lord, "Please go and tell as my messenger that "the foolish Girl" has
been suffering due to her past tremendous sins; and such girl is totally
mad and blind after Him".

4.	en neermai kaNdu… nalgeerO…"Take pity on me after seeing my pitiable
state with my separation from Him. He does not think "such a girl should
not be separated"  and act accordingly; To such a blue hued Lord, what I am
going to send the message as? My present good state (of being away from the
Lord), will not stay with me any more; will you please tell such a truth to
the Lord Oh blue-coloured anRil paRavaigaLE! Or Will you not?"

5.	nalgith thaan…aRulAyE…"Oh kurugu paravaiyE!, the one which looks for
food in the flower-filled beautiful Garden full of cool ponds! The One, who
shows mercy by Himself and removes the grievances and protects the seven
worlds, is my emperumaan. Such an emperumaan- Can He not shower His mercy
on me, the sinner? If you see that emperumaan tell about my tear filled
eyes and get a word from Him."

6.	aruLAdha neer…pizhaitthOmE…"Oh vaNdE(beetle)!, the one which has got
circular beautiful lines on you!, when you see the ocean of mercy, my
emperumaan, tell Him that "Since You have not taken mercy on that lady,
Before she dies go in that street at least one day where she lives by
riding on the merciful GarudA".  What wrong we did for not getting His

7.	 enpu izhai…nee alaiyE…"Oh kiLippiLLaiyE! (parrot!) the chill breeze is
troubling me as if the thread is thrust into the bone hole; I am suffering
like that; He thinks only of my sins and apachArams and is not taking pity
on me and is not showing His mercy; Go and ask that thirumaal, my
emperumaan "What wrong did she commit for not enabling her to join Your
Lotus Feet?"  What is the harm in asking that? Are you not my pet parrot?
If yes, Go."

8.	nee alaiyE..naadaayE…"Oh siRiya poovaiyE!( a small bird) You have
changed. I asked you to tell thirumaal as my messenger about my disease of
being separated from Him. But you did not tell even after I requested you.
I have even lost my shining golden colour of my body. Hereafter, you go and
search your food with your beak from someone else. ( I will not feed you)"

9.	naadaatha…enandhu udalE…"vaadaik kaaRRE! The summer breeze!, the one
which loiters here and there without any hurdle!,  Everyday, search and
gather the flowers which are not searched by others; such special Lotus
flowers are to be placed at His Lotus Feet everyday; For that purpose only,
the parts are created. Even then, I have been suffering from being away
from Him; It is my destiny and my ill luck only. Why did this state come to
me? You please go and tell my this state to emperumaan and get a good reply
and make us join with each other. Else, you divide my body into half."

10.	udal aazhip piRappu ..onRaam aLavE.." Oh foolish mind, the one which
keeps going around the emperumaan only! If you see the Lord, emperumaan,
who becomes and has in His body, all matters which undergo birth, mOksham,
athmaa, etc.; who appears in the Ocean with deep waters and sleeps in that
Ocean; - if you see Him, go and tell my this state and DO NOT LEAVE HIM
till we become UNITED with Him."

11.	 aLavu iyanRa…peru vaLamE.." The limitless emperumaan, the Lord of
Seven worlds- kaNNan- about whom these ten pAsurams have been mercifully
sung out of 1000 pAsurams by NammAzhwAr born in Thirukkurugoor surrounded
by beautiful fertile fields; If one reads these such ten pAsurams, with
these great fertile words, he(or she) can be blessed with the Greatest Big
wealth in paramapadham."

NammAzhwAr thiruvadigaLE saraNam

Ram Ram

DAsan madhavakkannan