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Sri UttamUr Viraraghava Mahadesikan Centenary

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 31 1996 - 04:49:06 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakthi Group:

Prior to starting my postings for the Month of Maargazhi ,
I would like to make an appeal to you . I have described earlier 
the history and Acharya Lineage of this GREAT Acharya and his 
unique contributions to the advancement of Bhagavadh Ramanuja 
SiddhAntham . I will include in this posting a shorter version of my
earlier posting and requst your valued support for the conductance of 
the Centenary celebration in a manner befititng the greatnes of his
contributions to our Sampradhayam through his untiring and legendary
efforts . 

The birth centenary celebrations of Sri Ubhaya Vedantha Vidwaan
Abhinava Desika Uttamur VirarAghavArya will take place at 7, Nathamuni
Street , T.Nagar , Madras from January 22 to February 5 , 1997. His birthday
itself falls on January 31 , 1997 . I invite one and all of you as well as 
the members of your family in India on behalf of the celebrations committe 
 to join this  celebrations and receive the blessings of the AcharyAs 
and scholars assembled there and taste the rich menu put together for 
this once-in-a - lifetime celebration.

Our Swami  has left us 107 books in Sanskrit and 53 books in Tamil 
on subjects ranging from Sri Bhashyam , Srimadh Rahasya Traya Saaram,
Upanishads , Naaliyra Divya Prabhandham to many of the rare works of
Swami Desikan . He was honored in his life time with many titles , the 
chief of which is the medal for his scholarship in Sanskrit conferred by
Babu Rajendra Prasad . He was also conferred the title of Abhinava Desika 
during the occasion of his shashtiabdha Purthi(1957 A.D ) for his prolific and
erudite intrepretations of the kula dhanam of ours. But for the 
extraordinary efforts of Maha Vidwaans like Uttamur Swami ,
Oppilaippan Koil Srirama DesikaachAr and Prathivadhi Bhayankaram
ANNangarAcchar Swamy , we would not be in a position today to 
have access to the great works of Acharyas belonging to the Bhagavadh
Ramanuja Siddhantham . The access to these sacred works through 
the Kalakshepam route at the feet of Acharyas is difficult for many of us ,
even if it is a better way in terms of synchronous , interactive learning
potential that route contains. Most of my writings on the Bhakthi Mailing
list is based on the continued studies of the works of these three 
Mahaans . 

During the planned centenary , Yajur and Sama Veda ParAyaNam ,
Sampradhaya Grantha PaarayaNam , UpanyAsams . Vidvadh Sadas,
Seminars on Swami's works and Bhagavatha TadhEyAraadhanam
would take place every day. The Jeeyars of Ahobila Mutt, Parakaala Mutt,
Aandavan Aasramams and VaanamAmalai Mutt will bless the occasion 
with their blessings and  send their  representatives to the celebration
and support the function. 

The organizers of this celebration are aware of our efforts here to 
serve the Sri VaishNava Community of North America 
through the activities of the members of  the Bhakthi and NaamA groups.
They would very much like us to take part in the centenary celebrations of 
Sri Uttamur SwamigaL and sponsor one day of the 15 day long celebrations 
and help release some of the most importanrt books of the SwamigaL
that are out of print such as PaadhukA sahasram et al . Sriman Bhardvaj
Jaganthan of Ahobila Mutt, North America has kindly  agreed to send our
Tax free contributions to Madras vis the Ahobila Mutt Foundation . 

In response to the earlier posting , Mrs. Nagu satyan has sent  already 
$101 as her contribution. I have contributed a similar amount. We need 
to raise another $1,500 to cover the needs (Rs 60, 000 ) for the conductance 
of one day's proceedings . 

May I request you with humility to contribute what you can to be 
part of these wonderful celebration of the Tradition of Natha Muni ,
Yaamuna Muni and Raamaanuja Muni , which carries on even today 
to nourish us. Any amount would be welcomed by the committee. May I 
suggest that $30 by 50 members or $50 by 30 members would help us 
realize the goals of providing support from here for one day of the 15 day
long celebrations.

Your contributions can be routed thru me or can be sent directly to
Sriman Bharadvaj Jaganathan . Our addresses are :

V.Sadagopan , Apartment 6B-1
Scarborough Manor , Scarborough , NY 10510

Sri Bharadvaj Jaganathan 
Sri Ahobila Mutt
5539 Columbia Pike Apartment 808
Arlington , VA 22204

I Look forward to hear  from You . Please let 
friends in your community know about this 
unique event and request their particpation .
The committe is interested in a wide group 
of SrivaishNavAs taking part in this celebration .

Thanks in advance for your valued help ,

Varadachari Sadagopan