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From: krish (
Date: Tue Dec 31 1996 - 04:23:04 PST

In an otherwise intersting discussion, Sudharsan is caried away!

<Lakshmana, who too, in his own right, being of royal blood, yet reduced to
dire straits because of his blind love and total devotion for his elder
brother !!>
Laksmana's love was purposeful rather than blind.

<Lord Rama, a Prince who had come to the forest in search of the peace and
tranquility unavailable in Ayodhya>
 Bharata assured  Rama of peace and tranquility but it was his
sense of duty that Lord Rama wants to set an example of. He wanted
his father's promise to be effective.

Other intersting questions aries, like Laksman's promise to his wife 
whenhe accepted the duties of a grahastha.
Krishna Praba