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From: kannan (
Date: Mon Dec 23 1996 - 19:38:45 PST

I am sorry that there are a few corrections to the song . Thanks to the
clarifications of R.K.Bhagirath. I do not have access to the song or words &
hence I apologise for the mistakes as I gave it from my memory.

In staza 1 is Kadakkayitral ..instead of thadakkayitral.

staza 4.. virikamala undhiudai...instead of thumbiyudai

I left a stanza no 5
Arutporul ivanenru amarargalum thozuthettha 
Urupasi ondrinriye ulaganaya (is it ulagadaya  as Bhagirath has given)undanaye
Undavai kaLavinal urivennai undavai
Vanduzhai malayai mayamo marukkayithe

in periyavanai     it is only kanivayum seyya as I remember I dO not know if
it is 'thiruvayum ' 

In the last stanza 
it must be kanjanar vanjam I think . I gave it as thnjanar vanjam as   here
it refers to Kamsan.

Thank you very much Bhagirath.
I am sorry once again for the errors.

Geetha Kannan.