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Thanks to Sri Sadagopan

From: Vasudha Narayanan (
Date: Mon Dec 23 1996 - 06:12:38 PST

Dear members of the bhakti group: I would like to say how much I have
enjoyed Sri Sadagopan's postings.  It is quite a privilege to hear these
words of explanation and to understand the beautiful words of Swami Desikan
and Goda Piratti just by sitting at home.  Even though I don't have time to
read the materials in the Bhakti digest everyday, I save them and try to
print them out when I come home from work or travelling and enjoy them slowly.  
I did want to say something specific about learning from this forum.  It may
be trivial, given all the profound information we get, but it meant a lot to
me.  Last summer, there were some wonderful postings on divyadesams.
Although I had been to Tirucherai several times in the past, when I went
again this November, I saw things I had never noticed before, only because
of these postings.  For instance, I had never seen Kaveri Amman hugging a
little child (the Lord) in a small shrine just outside the pushkarini. (I
have a lovely picture of it). Although the postings had given a specific
story to explain how that came to be, I kept imagining that the Lord there
is really in his antaryamin aspect, and really represents all the human
beings being nourished by the bounteous Mother Kaveri.  It was probably the
green paddy fields which reminded me of this maternal, nourishing role; like
a mother, she feeds all her children there.  
        What we read in the postings in this forum are like seeds; they take
a long time to grow in our hearts and minds.  I know I speak for many people
in this list who appreciate the time and energy given by Sri Sadagopan in
making accessible such profound thoughts to us.  It is truly a blessing to
get these discourses here.  Although I had read the Muvayirappati commentary
of Periyavacchan Pillai and other commentaries on the Tiruppavai, the
etymologies for the name of Godha were new to me, and wonderful to hear.
These are truly anubhava granthas and our enjoyment of them is made possible
by bhaktas who care enough to take the time to write to all of us through
e-mail, in this cyber space satsangh! I am very greatful for these discussions.
        A small question:  while in Adanur, I saw an utsava murti of Andal
in a sitting posture (this was in the Thayar sannadhi, I believe) .  I had
never seen one before and the bhattar told me it was unique.  I wondered how
rare this form was and what the meaning of it would be.
With gratitude, Vasudha Narayanan