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8th Day Of danur Maasam: Govindha Naama Sankeerthanam of GodhA Piratti

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 22 1996 - 15:31:31 PST

Dear GodhA PriyAs :

Yesterday , we enjoyed the many meanings of 
"GodhA " . She was born in Srivilliputthur . She 
considered her birth place as Gokulam and joined
with Her friends -as Gopis did- and sang the praise of 
Govindhan and sought Him as Her husband .

Of Srivilliputthur , it is said :

"Godhai piranthavoor
 Govindhan Vaazhumoor ".

Here He came and wed her and stays there even now  in His
father-in-law's house as RangamannAr . On a Eka Peetam ,
he lets us enjoy his SubhAsrayam with his dear Godhai and
Garudan . 

It is important therefore for us to reflect on the greatness of 
the name of Govindhan and engage in Govindha Naama
Sankeerthanam on this day , which is the 8th day of MarghaZhi
and reminds one of the Lord's Ashtakshara Manthram . 

Govindha Naama Vaibhavam

The following VishNu Sahasra naamam section reveals the 
vaibhavam of Govindhan :

mahEshvAsO maheebirthA Srinivaasa: sathAm gathi : I
Aniruddha: SurAnandhO GovindhO GovidhAm pathi: II

Eight  Sahasra NaamAs close to "GovindhA " are covered in this 
section of ShasraNaamam , once again reminding one of the 
significance of the number eight ( Mula manthram ) .

The first name , " MaheshvAsa : " refers to RamAvathAram .
The ChaNda KodhaNda MaNdhitha  Raghuveeran discharging
great  arrows is invoked by this Naamam. Literally , this name 
refers to the One great  VillALi ( Sree Dhanur NagarAdheesan-
Sri VILLI putthur Vatapatra Sayee ) , who stood facing RavaNA in 
the battle field and cut off the ten heads of the latter with his 
sharp and powerful arrows discharged by Kodhandham .

" Mahee barthA " is the second of the eight names. This literally 
means the bearer or the holder of this Earth. He bore Bhumi Devi 
on his tusk as a Boar  during His VarahAvathAram. It has also 
been intrepreted as referring to KurmAvathAram , since he is 
supporting this earth as Kurma BhagaVan . I prefer to  intrepret 
this name as Varaha Murthy coming out of the PraLayA waters 
holding Bhumi Devi on his tusk like teeth . Our most merciful mother 
asked him at that time for forgivenness of the erring chetanAs 
out of her role as mediatrix and He in response to his 
dear consort's request gave us the Varaha
Sarama Slokam referred by the 45th Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt in his
Nangai Nallur upanyAsam . We are now connected through 
this name to AndAL (Bhumi Piratti ) as well as 
Her husband Govindhan as VarAha PerumAn ..

The third  of the eight names  is Srinivasan . This Lord of Sri 
presides over the seven hills , which echo with Govindha Naama
Sankeerthanam every day .

The fourth namA is SathAm gathi : . He is the refuge of the pious.
AndAL's anushtAnam of Paavai Nonbhu is to illustrate the unbreakable
relationship between the righteous (sathAm) offering SaraNAgathi
at His Lotus feet  and the power of Purushakaaram of AndAL
that makes that SaraNAgathi effective at the target (Gathi )of Govindhan. 

The fifth name is Aniruddha: . This namaa indicates that 
the Charms of Govindhan are irresistible. Why is he Irresistible asks
Niruktham and answers " Anantha CheshTa yukthathvAth Aniruddha : ".
His limitless pranks and leelAs make him adorable and 
irresistable . PeriyAzhwAr fell for those Anantha CheshTaas 
and took on the form of mother YasOdhA to enjoy them .. 
His daughter fell in love with  them too and NammazhwAr and all 
the other AzhwArs were not spared from the overpowering
charms of Govindhan saluted by the dasama skhandham of 
Srimadh Bhagavatham . 

The name AniruddhA also stands for the
HamsAvathaaram of the Lord . In this AvathAram , He reinstructed 
BrahmA about the VedAs , since BrahmA had forgotten about them
at one time due to his egotism . Hamsa Murthy is the Veda Purushan.
Hamsam also stands for Parama Hamsa ParivrajakA AcharyAs ,
who have chosen SanyAsAsramam . This avathAra is also 
saluted as HAMSAGREEVAN . Both Hamsagreevan and 
Hayagreevan are closely associated with the four VedAs .
As Hayagreevan is the Lord who recovered the Vedas from 
the two AsurAs , who stole them from BrahmA .

The sixth name is SurAnandha: . He is the source of delight 
to all of the Gods , who need his protection . IndrA was taught 
a lesson by the Govardhana Giridara Govindhan . IndrA learnt
his lessons and performed Govindha PattAbhishekam . BrahmA
recognized his mistake and understood the power of this Maayan
is limitless and bewildering . 

All of these six names lead to the most meaningful seventh
name , (Viz)., Govindhan . Literally  the meaning of the name has
been translated as " the recipient of the words of praise ". The 
eulogies and  doxologies originate from the Gods and pious Men
and Women . Even AndAL is included here based on her Naama
Sankeerthanam in Thiruppavai  as compiled by 
Sri VeNugopaala Naicker :

KoodArai Vellum seer                      GOVINDHAA !
Uhn tannai paaadi parai kondu     GOVINDHAA !
Yaam perum Sanmaanam             GOVINDHAA !
Naadu pukazhum                             GOVINDHAA !
ParisinAl nanrAha                             GOVINDHAA !
SoodahamE tOLvaLaiE                   GOVINDHAA !
ThodE sevippoovE                            GOVINDHAA !
PadahamE yenranaya                      GOVINDHAA !
palkalanum yaam aNivOm              GOVINDHAA !
Aadai uduppOm                                 GOVINDHAA !
Athan pinnE paal soru                       GOVINDHAA !
Mooda ney peythu                               GOVINDHAA !
Muzhankai vazhivaraikku                    GOVINDHAA !
KOODI IRINDHU                                  GOVINDHAA !

AndaL sings thus about  the "KuraivonrumilAtha GOVIDHAN "
in Her Thiruppavai . 

The eighth Sahasran namAm assocated with this section is 
" GOVIDHAAM PATHI  " . He is saluted here as the protector of
those , who know the "words" . The Goh sabdham here refers 
to those who know the words of the VedAs ( Arya or Dhramidi
Vedam like Thiruppavai and other Divya Prabhandhams ) .

Parasara Bhattar takes Niruktham as his source to
intrepret this name : Veda VidhpadhO Manu : " . He also
quotes another source referring to Jnana Yogam practised 
by Parama HamsAs . This souce states : " One should
meditate upon the AtmA as the HamsA incarnation , who enjoys 
the knowlege of sacrifice (JnAna Yagnam )
offered to Him (Govindhan ) .

We will continue with Govindha Naama Vaibhavam
in the next posting .

Sri VaishNava Daasan ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan