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Sri VaikunTa EkAdasi day & the 5th day of Dhanur MAsam : Part 1

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Dec 20 1996 - 12:26:09 PST

Dear Members of the Prapatthi Group : 

On this sacred day of VaikunTa EkAdasi also known as 
MukkoTi EkAdasi, Bheeshama EkAdasi , KrishNa BhagavAn 
is said to have performed GithOpadesam to his student ArjunA
on the battle field of Kurukshethram . Hence this day is also known as 
GeethA Jayanthi day . 

On this holiest of holy days in SrivaishNavA
calendar , Sri Ranganathan comes out of His AasthAnam and 
enters the VaikunTa vaasal followed by throngs of devotees. 
During the Adhyayana uthsavam  coming to a splenderous 
conclusion on VaikunTa EkAdasi day , NammAzhwAr performs his
SaraNAgathi . Thirumangai initiated the Adhyayana Uthsavam and it has 
been carried out ever since by all of our Acharyas and the Uttama Nambhis
serving the Lord at His Bhoga MaNtapam known as Bhuloka VaikunTam .
The Various Gathis ( Nadais ) demonstrated by the SrI Paadham ThAngees
of Lord Ranganatha such as Simha Gathi , Vyagra Gathi , Sarpa Gathi 
and Rishabha Gathi have deep esoteric and Yogic significance . The travel
of Kundalini sakthi through Sushumna Naadi to SahasrAram and 
the darsanam of the Lord there in the form of a resplendent Jyothi 
is referred to by Swami Desikan in the first slokam of 
Sri Bhagavath Dhyana SopAnam:


Swami Desikan emulates  the beautiful experience of 
ThiruppANAzhwar described by latter in the ten verses of 
AmalanAdhipirAn in his Sthothram . The first describes
the oLi pizhambhu ( Jyothi) , which is residing in the Yogi's
sahsrAram , which is the same as the one resting on 
Adhiseshan a the middle of the two cauveris in the island of 
Srirangam . Natha Muni practised the very same Yogam 
and revealed it to his sishyAs through his AruLiccheyal
known as Yoga Rahasyam , which is no longer available to us.

Pointedly ,  Swami Desikan chooses the phrases YaminAm for Yogis ,
Antha: Jyothi : ( Internal effulgence at the thousand petalled lotus 
in one's head ) , Yoga Dhrushteh: ( the JnanakkaNN) and goes onto 
describe the blessings given by that resplendent Jyothi experienced 
through One or other YogAs taught by GeethAchaaryan to ArjunA .
Swami states that this Jyothi is known as " Siddhi MokshAnurupam ChintA
ratnam ( The chinthAmani/divine , wish yielding gem stone , which 
gives the Moksham as well as Bhogam in this universe ) . That Jyothi
also has the power to be " Dheena Anaatha Vyasana Samanam ".
It banishes the sorrows of the powerless , who are unable to practise
the tough YogAs and those , who have no one to protect them ( AnAthais ) .
Swami Desikan concludes this powerful first  slokam by revealing that 
this Jyothi is Daivatham DaivathAnAm or the supreme Lord of all Gods 
and is resting in the middle of Srirangam practising Yoga NidrA . 

Like ThiruppANAzhwAr , AndAL merged with this illustrious Jyothi 
at Srirangam . She climbed Sri RanganathA's serpent bed and 
merged with Him as His chosen bride . Until then , Sri Ranganatha 
according to a slokam of GodhA sthuthi of Swami Desikan was 
anxiously looking in the southern direction (towards Srivilliputthur )
for AndAL to complete her Prabhandhams and journey to His side .
( NidhraaLunApi niyatham nihithA : KatakshA : ) . Even as he was 
sleeping in Yoga Nidra , RanganathA was often opening His eyes
anxiously to see whether AndAL was ready to travel to His asthAnam
and become His bride. 

Such is the glory of this day and that of Sri Godha Piratti and Her 
consort Sri RanganaathA .

GodhA priya Sri Ranganatha ParabrahmaNE nama:

Sri ViashNava Daasan ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradaachaAri Sadagopan