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From: Badri Seshadri (
Date: Wed Dec 18 1996 - 20:13:00 PST

I am rejoining the Bhakti list after a 2 month break.
I am keenly following Sri Sadagopan's postings and other
postings on raghuveeragadyam. Here is a small portion
from a thamizh work:

moovulakum eeradiyaan muRain^irambaa vakaimudiyath
thaaviya sEvadi sEppath thambiyodum kaanpOndhu
sO_araNum pOrmadiyath thollilangai kattazhiththa
sEvakan_seer kELaatha sevi_enna seviyE
thirumaal_seer kELaatha sevi_enna seviyE!

Guess the work and the author. The stanzas preceding
this in the work will remind one of 'athimaanushasthavam'.


(PS: I am right now in Madras, where I will be staying for
at least one more year.)