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Third Day of Dhanur Maasam : AndAL& RamAvatharam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 18 1996 - 11:59:50 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakthi group :

Yesterday , we focussed on the three direct salutations of AndAL 
to the MahA Veeran , Raghu Raman in three different pAsurams
of the divine Thiruppaavai . Today we will include another indirect 
salutation of ANdAL to Veera Raghavan and continue with the earlier
thoughts on Rama/KrishNa avatharams and AndAL's customized
appreciations of them .

CHERRA --- The twelfth pAsuram of Thiruppavai refers to the 
anger , nay the rage of Veera Raghavan that led to the destruction of 
the Lord of LankhA . The 99th Khandham of Srimadh RamAyaNam
describes the anger of RamA at the evil RavaNA seeking  battle 
with  him this way : "  Rama was seized with anger ( Rama: Krodha 
Samanvitha : ) and let fly arrows in uninterrupted succession against
the king of ogres .  " In the next canto , the battle continues and Rama 
is outraged by the audacity of RavaNA in the battle field and gets furious 
and hit RavaNA with numerous arrows ( Ragavasthu SusamkruddhO 
RavaNam bhaubhi: Sarai: ) .Rama takes a vow to destroy RavaNA 
and states " Let the world see the Ramathvam of Rama in the course of my 
combat with the evil ogre ( Adhya Pasyanthu Ramasya RAMATHVAM 
mama samyughE ) . "  Ramathvam that Rama himself refers to is
the courage and valor in any battle field . That display of Ramathvam
that extends beyond the battle field in his role of SaraNAgatha rakshakan 
moves AndAL very much and she describes him for that reason as 

AndAL salutes the Ramathvam elsewhere indirectly  in Thiruppavai 
( ThAzhAdhE sArngam udaittha sara Mazhai pOl , vazha ulaginil peythidAi ) .
In addition to the shower of  arrows of destruction aimed at RavaNA , the shower
of Daya and AnukampA is also the underlying meaning to connote the 
rejuvenating, life-giving showers of anugraham of this KaruNA Moorthy .  

His Maha Veeryam as the supreme wielder of the bow revered as Saarangam
(Kodhandam ) of this SaarangapANi and His destruction of RavaNA is
saluted by the overawed AndAL next In the salutation , " pollA arakkanai 
kiLLIkkaLaindhAnai keerthimai paadippOi " . The ten heads of the evil
ogre were cut off by RamA after he recited Aditya Hrudhayam and renewed
his combat with RavaNA . 

In  a great tribute to the valour(ThiRal)  of RamA , AndaL sums up
in her PoRRI Paasuram with the salutation : senRangu tennilankhai 
seRRAi tiRal poRRi ". She visualizes the sethu bhandanam , travel
on the rama sethu and arrival at LankhA and mighty fight with RavaNA 
and destroying him with unsurpassable heroism .  

Sri Lakshmi TatAchAr in his article on AndAL's mangaLAsAsanam of 
Rama and KrishNa quotes the commentary of PeriyavaacchAn PiLLai
to indicate that Rama as a supreme hero (MahA Veeran ) did not need 
any protection from enemies through prayers and it was the helpless 
KrishNa , who needed all the prayerful wishes/blessings /benedictions 
(MangaLAsAsanam ) that he can get from AndAL . PiLLai says :
" In Ramaavatharam , RamA's father was DasarathA , the destroyer 
of SambharA . The city was Ayodhya , which could not be conquered 
by any person . The acharyAs were VasishtA and others well versed in 
several manthrAs . The sons of DasarathA were virtuous and quite 
disciplined . In KrishNAvathAram , the parents were innocent cowherds.
The dwelling place of KrishNA is a hamlet inhabited by the cowherds.
Besides in BrindhAvan , anything , which sprouted could turn out to be
a demon . KrishNA was such a naughty child that he would even fall 
in the mouth of the venemous serpent , if his brother BalaramA was 
engaged otherwise even for a moment .The calamities that befell 
KrishNA through PutanA and other swere endless . "  Hence PeriyavacchAn 
PLLai concluded that except for the blessings of AndAL , there was nothing
that could protect the Lord . 

In her pORRI pasuram of Thiruppavaai saluting RamA ( senRangu 
Tennilankhai seRRAi tiRal pORRI ) , she brings before her memory's
eye all that happened a long , long time ago and out of her great
reverence and awe-inspired love for the MahA Veeran , she performed 
the MangaLAsAsanamm for Vijaya Raghavan , the RaNa Pungavan .

AndAL continues to pay her tributes to the unmatched heroism 
of RamA in the verses of NaacchiyAr Thirumozhi . I will cover them
in the next posting.

alli nAttAmari mEl aaraNangin tuNaivi
malli naadAnda mada mayil --melliyAL
aayarkula vendanahatthAL then pudhuvai
veyar payantha viLakku--- ThirukkaNNamangai AandAn

 "GodhA tasyai Nama idhamidham bhooyayevAsthu bhooya: "
ParAsara Bhattar 

SrivaishNava Daasan ,

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan