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Raghuveera Gadhyam: Yuddha KhAndham--Part 15

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Dec 15 1996 - 15:53:59 PST


(Meaning ) : O Lord of all the universe ! Hail to Thee !
Hail to Thee! O BhoothAthmA , the inner soul of ALL beings!
Hail to Thee! O Bhuthakrith , the creator of ALL beings and such their
YajamAnA ! Hail to Thee! O Bhootha Bhavya Bhavath prabhu , the 
swami (master ) of all things of the past , future and the present !
Hail to Thee ! O VashatkArAha swami , the one who controls and  directs 
and thereby lords over the universe ! Hail to Thee ! O Bhootha bhavana 
bhootesa swami , the sustainer and the Lord of this universe ! 
Hail to Thee! O Lord saluted by svetasvatAra Upanishad as : 
" Superior to Him , there is no one whatsoever (yasmAth param nAparam 
asthi kimchith ) ! Hail to Thee ! O PradhAna Purushevara , the Lord of 
primordial matter and PurushAs ! Hail to Thee ! 

GS  76 : Raghava Simha ! Jaya ! jaya ! 

(Meaning ) :O the exalted one among the scion of Raghu ! 
Hail to Thee! Hail to Thee !

(Commnets ) : The kings of  Raghu Vamsam are famous 
for protecting those , who sought  refuge in them . There is
however no one in your vamsam , who excells you in the 
matter of Abhaya PradhAnam and SaraNAgatha Rakshakathvam .
In the divine story of yours told by Sage Vaalmiki , every khAndam
of that epic is full with stories of your protection of saraNAgathAs . 
IN bala KhAndham ,DevAs sought your refuge at the milky ocean 
to protect  them from the terrors of RavaNA . You protected them .
In AyodhyA khaandham , your brother LakshmaNA fell at your feet
and performed Prapatthi and gained the fruits of that Prapatthi by
being blessed to join you in Your exile . 

In AaraNya KhAndham , the sages of DandakAraNyam sought
your protection and performed SaraNAgathi . You destroyed Kharan ,
DhushaNan and others and came to their rescue. You accepted the 
SaraNAgathi of the aparAdhi, the KaakAsuran and did not kill him 
for his unforgivable offense . In KishkindhA KhAndham , you 
responded the SaraNAgathi of Sugreva and saved him from the 
terrors of his brother Vaali . In Yuddha KhAndham , You gave 
Abhaya PradhAnam to VibhishaNA and accepted his SaraNAgathi. 
What Vibhishana relly wanted was Kaimkaryam to You . He received 
the total response to his paripurNa saraNagathi and even today , 
he serves  you at Srirangam . Your prakAsam (effulgence) as 
SaraNYa seelan (Rakshakan ) and your Vaibhavam as the 
unfailing observer of SaraNya vratham entitles you to the title of
RAGHAVA SIMHAM . Hail to Thee ! Hail To Thee !

with this 76 th salutation , the Yuddha KhAndham section
of Swami Desikan's Raghuveera Gadhyam comes to an 
auspicious conclusion .

Rama: PitA Raghava yeva MaathA 
Ramassubhandhusccha sakhA hitasccha I
RaamO gururmE paramam cha dhaivam
Ramam VinA nAnyaham smarAmi II

Sri VaishNava Daasan ,

Oppiliappan Koil  VaradAchAri Sadagopan