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Mr. Sudarshan's postings on Jatayu Moksham

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Sat Dec 14 1996 - 08:00:32 PST

I would like to concur with Mr. Sadagopan's comments, and request Mr.
Sudarshan to continue with this interesting discussion.

Mr. Sudarshan's sudden decision to discontinue his postings on the subject
came as a disappointment for me. For I have been reading his postings with
much interest, and was waiting for more detailed discussion on Jatayu's
actions, their connection to Dharma, and the "qualifications" for Moksha
based on these.  It would have been interesting to see an alternative view
of the subject, particularly if it had been based on such noted
intellectuals as Sir Srinivasa Sastry. 

As can be seen from Mr. Sadagopan's translation of Swamy Desikan's
Raghuveera Gadyam, the wondrous story of our Lord in His Avathara as Sri
Rama is a paradigmatic work on prapatti.  Each incident is filled not only
with deep moral messages, but also profound descriptions of our Lord's
Kalyana Gunas and His relationship to His devotees.  I believe that further
study of just this one incident of Jatayu Moksham would be beneficial to the
entire group.  While I cannot deny that there may be some debate, I think
that if such debate were done with respect for each other and out of
adoration for Him, it would provide us with a better understanding of some
important tenets of our Philosophy.

Daasanu Daasan,