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Date: Wed Dec 11 1996 - 06:20:07 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakti List,

I would like to thank Sri Sadagopan for his brilliant summaries on the 
Raghuveera Gadyam. Mahaveera Vaibhavam is building up to its climax as 
we get into the Yuddha Kandam further. The impact of Lord Rama's bow twang
was captured with consummate effect by Sri Sadagopan in his article. This 
post caused me to reflect upon a related aspect of Lord Rama's bow twang. 

Sri Sadagopan exquisitely pointed out that the twang struck terror in the 
hearts of the Rakshasa women casuing them to dance to a rythym. However, 
the same bow twang was sweet music to the ears of Sita Piratti. It was 
a clear cut vindication of her unquestioned faith in the Lord (Maha 
Vishvasam) and her Pati Vrata. One must appreciate the bow twang in the 
context of Sita Piratti's question to Hanuman "When my Lord was resting 
on my lap one day, a crow pecked at my bosom and drew blood. My Lord 
awoke at the touch of my warm blood and was enraged at the crow's act. 
Using a blade of grass, he invoked the Brahmastram. To punish a mere crow,
my Lord invoked the Brahmastram. Why has he not done anything to rescue me 
from Ravana? Why has he not sent the valiant Lakshmana to kill the evil Asura?" 
Lord Rama's bow twang was his announcement to Sita Piratti "Fear not, I am 
here to rescue you from Ravana". This was also the Lord's warning to Ravana 
of the impending doom that awaited him. The Lord's Ayudham has the 
characteristic of Pida Pradanam (striking terror in the hearts of his 
enemies) while bestowing Pida Pariharam (relief from sufferings) to his 

Another important note is that the Lord decided to wage war only after 
all avenues for peace were closed (Dandam Dasha GuNam Bhaveth). In this 
context, it is instructive to hear the Lord's words to Sugreeva to allay 
the latter's concern about the Lord's promise to Vibhishana, while sending 
Angada as a messenger of peace to Ravana. 

Background: Prior to the war, Lord Rama made one last attempt to 
secure peace by sending Angada as his messenger to Ravana's court with the 
message "Restore Sita to me and I shall forgive you for all your sins 
and grant you Sharanagati, thereby avoiding the destruction of the 
Asura clan". Hearing this, Sugriva  was concerned about the Lord's 
promise to Vibhishana ("I shall make you the king of Lanka") in the event 
Ravana decided to opt for peace. Lord Rama assuages Sugriva's concern 
with the statement "If Ravana surrenders to me, Vibhishana will become 
the king of Lanka; Ravana shall be the emperor of Ayodhya." This is very 
succinctly conveyed by Adikavi Valmiki's statement :Ramo DvirnAbibhashate.

In a follow up post, I shall summarize some more reflections on Garuda and 
his feud with the sons of Kadru with respect to Garuda releasing Rama and 
Lakshmana from the Naga Pasham.

Sri Sita Lakshmana Hanumath Sametha Sri Ramachandra Swami Parabrahmane Namaha,

Muralidhar Rangaswamy