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Raghu Veera Gadhyam: Yuddha KhAndham--Part 8

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Dec 11 1996 - 04:42:40 PST

SadhAnandadevE sahasrAra padhmE
galacchandra peeyusha dhArAmruthAnthE I
sthitham Ramamurthim nishEvE nishEvE 
anya dhaivam na sevE na sevE na sevE II
                ---Sri Rama KarNaamrutham 2. 88

GS 57 : akruthachara vanachara raNakaraNa vailakshya 
kooNithaksha bahuvidha rakshO balAdhyaksha vaksha:
kavAta pAtana patima sAtopa kopAvalEpa ! Jaya! jaya !

(Meaning ) : Hail to Thee, O RaghuveerA  with the right mixture of
anger and valour , who with majesty had the power to split into
two the broad , door-like chests of the multitudes of ogres that 
closed their eyes out of a sense of  shame  over the thought of
fighting the "lowly "monkeys for the first time in their careers as 
warriors ! Hail to Thee ! 

(Background ) : After Rama was released from Naaga Paasam , 
a mighty war broke out between the jubilant monkey chieftains 
and the army of ogres defending the capitol city of RavaNA . The
ferocious ogres used to mighty battles had never experienced 
anything like battling the forest dwelling  monkeys . The ogres had
to take their engagement with the monkeys very seriously . The ogres
were uncomfortable over their unfamiliar role of fighting the monkeys,
which fought with uprooted trees and splinters of mountains . 
The ogres  were ashamed about their inadequacies to fight in this new type 
of war with the strange enemies. The ogres closed their eyes as if in
contempt . Rama was angry at their unsoldierly conduct . Rama got
furious  over the insult of the ogres and his strength increased.
The ogres turned to him for fight. The mighty Rama used his powerful
arrows to break open the door-like , broad chests of the ogres and
dispatched them to the world of Yama devan . 

AyodhyAnAtha ! Rajendra! SitAkantha! JagathpathE !
Sri Rama PundareekAksha ! Ramachandra ! NamOsthu thE 
          --- Sri Rama KarNamrutham 4.19

Sri VaishNava Daasan ,

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan