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Re: Our effort

From: Shashikanth Hosur (
Date: Mon Dec 09 1996 - 06:49:59 PST

On Tue, 3 Dec 1996, Parthasarati Dileepan wrote:

=>> Our effort (or choice) is even less than insignificant relative to His
=>> grace.  Yet it is our effort that seems to please the Lord immensely.   For
=>> example, it was the effort of the squirrels, which was totally
=>> insignificant for the completion of the sEthu, that was most pleasing to
=>> the Lord.  Until Sri AnjanEya prayed to Lord Rama he could not even see
=>> asOka vanam, yet on his return to Kishkindhai he was granted the Lord's
=>> aalinganam as if AnjanEya located our divine mother on his own accord.
=>> There is a nice Thirumangai Azhvaar paasuram about this (vaadha maamahan
=>> maRkadam vilangu ....)
=>> Therefore, it seems to me, however insignificant our effort may be, it is
=>> most pleasing to our Lord.  In this context I think our karma and the
=>> choices we make are important.  Please consider Nammaazhvaar's:
=>> "avar avar thamathamathu aRivaRi vagaivagai,
=>> ....
=>> ....
=>> avaravar vidhivazhi adaiya ninRanarE."
=>> To me the import seems to be, "don't just sit there, do somthing." :-)
=>> Obviously nothing can happen without His grace.  This, I think, is
=>> indicated by the intervening phrase, "avaravar iRaiyavar ena adi
=>> adaivargaL".
=>> Thanks,
=>>  Dileepan

	I would like to give my opinion.  I guess the devotion behind the
effort is important.  The effort may be small one as the squirrels tried
to do when compared to the other Vanara Sena.  But their devotion and
Shradda is what brought Lord closer to them.  Similarly it was Human who was
full of devotion and with a feeling of servant of Sri Rama that made Him
come to lord.  Comparetively effort may be small by the Shradda devotion
behind that effort that brings lord closer to us.  The surrending of the false
ego completely to Him leads us to open our hearts to Him.  In fact everything
that occurs or happens is due to His will.  In fact He is the one behind all
actions so where is the question of our effort.  When one recognises this
fact then new dimensions are opened by Him.
	Similarly Hanuman defeated MahiRavana and rescued Rama and lakshmana
from under captivity.  Sri Rama who converted a blade of grass to Brahmastram
which could not opposed by others, How could he be captivated.  I guess
Lord out of His grace gives us a chance to perform His service and attain Him.

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