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Maha MantrAs of the 5th KhAndam of Srimadh Bhagavatham : Posting 1 1

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Dec 05 1996 - 15:24:04 PST

Dear Members of the Bhakthi group :

As I was doing some archival search for some thing else, 
I came  across a series of articles that I had put together
few years back on Srimadh Bhagavatham. Before they 
get untracably mixed up with the deluge of paper that 
surrounds me , I thought I will save these articles on the net 
for the enjoyment of the rasikaas of Srimadh Bhagavatham .

Maha MantrAs of the fifth skandham

The fifth skandham deals with the seven dweepAs (continents
surrounded by the oceans  ) . One of the dweepAs is Jambhu dweepham,
a continent surrounded by salt waters. This dweepam has 
according to this PurANam nine parts . One of them is our
Bharatha KanTam . Suka Deva describes to king Parikshith 
the various forms of Sriman NarayaNa  presiding over these 
nine kanTams and the manthrAs used by the devotees to pay
homage to them. The ManthrA is always followed or preceded by 
a Dhyana slokam . 

The nine kanTams are : (1) ILAvrutham (2) BhadrAchalam 
(3) Hari varsham (4) KethumAlam (5) Ramyakam (6) HiraNmayam
(7) Uttaragur (8) Kimpurudham and (9)  our own Bharatham .
It will be difficult for us to connect  these kanTams with present day 

The God associated with ILAvrutham is BhagavAn Hayagreeva.
The God presiding over Harivarsham is Bhagavaan NarasimhA .
The deity of KethumAlam is Kaamarupi worshipped by MahA Lakshmi.
Matsya Murthy is the Lord of Ramyakam . Koorma Murthy is the God 
assoicated  with HiraNmayam . Yajna VarAha Murthy is worshipped at 
Uttaraguru . Sri Ramachandra is worshipped at Kimpurusham .
Sri Nara NarayaNa murthy is the resplendent Lord of BhAratham .

I will list the locations of the manthras and slokams for four of the 
nine Murthys and let you discover the rest by searching thru the 
different sections of the fifth Skandham . 

1 . Sri Hayagreeva manthram V. 18.2 ; sthothram : V. 18.3
2 . Sri Narasimha Mantram V .18. 8  ; prahalaadhA's
     sthothram/Prayer  found in V.18.9 has noble sentiments .
     The meaning of this slokam is as follows:

O NarasimhA! May Your DayA bless this universe so that it 
becomes filled with Svasthi (auspiciousness) !
May the defects (khala: ) of the human beings be banished ! 
Let all the human beings think of the welfare of each other ! 
May the restless mind become tranquil ! May our minds be 
engaged in thoughts over You , the Athokshaja ( one whose 
fame does not get diminished with the passage of time) 
without any other distractions ! May Our intellect be fiiled 
with a sense of dispassionate  attachment to You  !   

3 . Yajna Varaha Murthy 's manthram : V. 18.35; Sthothram by 
      Bhumi Devi : V.18.39 . Bhumi Devi's thankfulness is expressed
      this way : " I salute my Lord Yajna Varaha Murthy , who is the cause of 
      this Universe , who took the form of the wild Boar, who lifted me 
      on the top of His huge tusk from under water and killed the enemy,
      looking like a rouge elephant , as if it was a play for Him .

4 . Nara NarayaNa manthram : V . 18 .1 ; Sthothram: V. 19.12
I will conclude this posting with the meaning of the sthothram
associated with Nara NaraayaNA of BadrikAsramam :

My salutations to Nara NarayaNA , who does not think of Himself
as a creator , even if It is He , who is the cause of this Universe . He is 
not affected by the bodily afflictions such as hunger and thirst , 
even if He has a body (of an ascetic). He is not affected by what 
He sees and enjoys solitude and is the witness to ALL the deeds of
human beings( Tasmai NamOasaktha viviktha SaakshiNE ) .

The manthrOpadesam can be received from a qualified Acharya,
or the Srimadh Bhagavatha PaarAyaNakar sititng  at the upper right hand 
mantapm at GuruvAyur Kshetram, where Sri NarayaNa Bhattadhiri sat and 
composed Srimadh naarayaNeeyam and dialoged with the Lord. 
This site in my opinion is the best place to receive such Upadesam 
in front of Sri KrishNA . 

Sri VaishNava Daasan ,

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan