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Re: Your Daily Insight is here!

From: krish (
Date: Thu Dec 05 1996 - 04:51:04 PST

<Throw away your life,
So that you can find it again!
Unless what you are doing today is
Leading you to much greater happiness,
Whatever you are doing is a waste of your time!
One of the grest intellectuals of India was Sankara
who composed Bhaja-Govindam in the 8th century
expounding these concepts. It has about 30 couplets
and does it more lucidly your concepts.

I think one can go overboard with such concepts. How
does one fill himself with love if it is not for
others? The concept of Bhakti is to love HIM alone.
And what about all these marvels of
science brought about by man's innovative ideas,
including expounding your thoughts on the Interne!

Krishna Praba