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Sthothra Ratnam of AaLavandhAr-- Part 2

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Dec 02 1996 - 17:14:16 PST

Dear members of the Prapatthi group :

Before focusing on the individual slokas of this 
magnificient and pioneering sthothram by AaLavandhAr,
it may be interesting to study  Swami Desikan's analysis
of the architectonics of this sthothram . Swami starts off by 
stating that  YaamunA Muni composed Sthothra Ratnam 
to house the rich meanings of Dwaya manthram.

His analysis of the different sections that form natural 
grouping of thoughts is as follows :

1. YaamunA salutes the Acharyas , who opened his 
spiritual eye (slokams 1-5) and particularly his
grandfather , RangaNATHA MUNI .

2. Beginning of the sthothram in slokam 6

3. The awesome parathvam of the Lord is hinted and the 
insuficiency and diffidence of the poet to tackle that
profound subject of the Parathvam is indicated ( slokam 7) 

4. The sowlabhyam of the Lord is invoked to overcome 
the fear of tackling such a profound topic( Slokams 8-9 )

5. Elaboration of the NaarAyana Sabdhaartham ( Slokams 10-21 )

6. Observance of Prapatthi ( slokam 22 ) 

7. declaration of his appropriateness
(Svayogyaa Kathanam /adhikaaram) by 
YaamunA for the  performance of his  Prapatthi
( sloakms 23-27)

8. Statement of the fact that the simple-to-perform Prapatthi
has a disproportionately large dividends ( slokams 28-29 )

9. Revelation of the meaning of the uttara KanTam of 
Dwayam as that which deals with the fruit of the Prapatthi
(slokams 30-46)

10. expression of his regret  over hitherto wasted days 
due to his lack of intensity to pursue the fruits of Prapatthi 
thru the observance of the appropriate Upaayam (slokam 47). 
Nirvedam over his missed opportunities.

11. Mahaaviswasam on the fruits to be gianed by Prapatthi
( slokams 48-51)

12. Examination of the principles of Bara SamarpaNam 
( slokams 52-53)

13. prayer to give strength to observe strictly the conduct
of post-prapanna life  and sathsangam ,
while being on this earth ( slokams 54-57)

14. statement on the Lord's kaaruNyam, sambhandham
(bhandhutvam ) as the hope for his  Prapatthi ( slokam 58-63 )

15. Reminding the Lord of  his saraNAgatha RakshaNa 
 vratham of the Lord and prayer to include him in that
vratham ( slokam 64)

16. statement on the glories of the anugraham& sambhandham
of the Acharya for successful Prapatthi and inclusion of his 
fearlessness(nirbhayam ) as a result of performing prapatthi , 
even if he does not have the qualifications of his own 
(naicchiyaanusandhaanam )--slokam 65  (final slokam ).

AalaVandhAr , Swami Desikan ThiruvadigalE SaraNam ,

Sri vaishNava Daasan ,

Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan