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Do we need to ask Him?

From: Parthasarati Dileepan (
Date: Mon Dec 02 1996 - 11:46:37 PST

No doubt His grace is the prime cause for salvation, but not begging for it
(mOksham) seems a little, I am sorry to say, haughty to me.  note that the
aazhvaars did not stop with just praising the Lord, but also pleaded for
His thiruvadi mOksham, "adikkeezh amarndhu pugundhEnE" "appOdhaik ippOthE
solli vaiththEn", etc., etc.  So, it seems to me, pleading for it is quite
apt for us.

>From my personal experience I feel not asking for something that has
already occurred in my mind is a sign of pride.  In this context I am
reminded of the Thiruppathi Goindhaa story posted here by Sri Sudarshan
where the bhaktha was not bashful proclaiming for all the world to hear
what he had asked the Lord to give him the previous year.  After all is He
not "koLLak kuraivilan, vENdiRRellaam tharum vaLLal"? 

Thank you, Dileepan