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Year end Observations #2

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Dec 29 1995 - 16:19:40 PST

Thirumangai and Thrumazhisai :

While this month is  still close  to Thirumangai"s
birth month of Kartigai,
I was intrigued by the focus of 
Thirumazhisai on the numbers in his Pasurams 
in the  earlier postings and Sri Mani's breaking the code on the 

As a Naalu Kavi Pulavar, Thirumangai created the ThiruvezhukuRRirukkai
as a tribute to the Lord of Thirukkudanthai . This was the Azhwar's first 
Composition in the opinion of Scholars. Inview of the enormous Vaishnavite
Tattvas contained in that composition, Sri Ramanuja is said to have
 composed the following two Taniyans. It is generally believed that Sri 
Ramanuja chose to write in Sanskrit and left the Tamil Compositions/
Commentaries to his disciples. These two Taniyans therefore may be
exceptions to the rule by Ramanuja.The First Taniyan is a general one:
Vaazhi  Parakaalan Vaazhi Kalikanri
Vaazhi Kuraiyalur Valvendan -----------

This Taniyan Says:" Hail to parakala (the saint, who refutes the 
arguments of disputants)! Hail to Kalikanri( The destroyer of kali age)!
Hail to the monarch born in Kuraiyalur! Hail to his big spear (Vel) full
of lustre! The pure Thirumangai Mannan , the chieftain of Mangainadu 
showed his mighty sword and obtained the Ashtaakshara mantram from the
Mysterious Lord (Maayon) of invincible power and unmatched strength.

The second Taniyan of Emperumaanar is specific to ThiruvezhukkuRRirukai (TVK).
It begins with the words: Seeraar ThiruvezhukkuRRirukai ennum ----------

This invocatory verse says: " Only  the pair of holy feet of Arulmaari
(Thirumangai mannan) is our sole refuge. He,the Arulmaari has given us
 the TVK in chaste Tamil. This great and mellifluous poem ( Counted as
only stanza with 46  lines) is sung in praise of the benign pair of feet of the 
generous Lord Aaraavamudhan ( Insatiable nectar) ,i.e., as we enjoy Him and 
His ennobling qualities, we could never become  averse, but  we will 
get immersed  in His divine beauty. This great poem incorporating the 
essential Vedic and Vedanta principles , has been given to us by 
the Azhwar without being tired (Soraamal) for the sake of redeeming the
whole world. 

This is a moving statement from the author of Vedartha Sangraham and 
Veda saara as well as Sri Bhashyam  , when he makes special effort to
point the Vedic Essence of the topics covered by TVK .

As Thirumangai started his mission at Thirukkudanthai, his predecessor
Thirumazhisai ended his mission  at
Thirukkudanthai. He joined the holy feet of  Lord Aaraavamudhan
at His Divya Desam.

I will post articles on TVK and try to compare the Content with the 
Tattvas standing behind the numbers . I hope to learn more about the 
two this way. 

In yet another future posting, I will focus on the Siriya Thirumadal and the 
Periya Thirumadal, where Thirumangai follows the northern tradition 
of Madalerutal. Women of South were restricted from using this practise
as stated by the TirukkuraL verse: " Naught else is grand and noble like the
sex ,who ride NOT  the palm-leaf horse ,although they are swirled in the 
sea of passion hot". 

If the Charnyan and His Consort give me the energy and insight, I will try 
to share my thoughts on Thirukkurunthandakam and Thirunedumthandakam .
Prolific are the Works of Thirumangai and  deep as well !

Azhwaar, Aacharyar Thiruvadigaleh Charanam.