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vaishnavism and other deities

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli/DCOM (
Date: Fri Dec 29 1995 - 08:45:45 PST

Looks like Thirumazhisai aazhvaar's paasuram mentioned in one of the
earlier mails to this group comes from his  knowledge of vishnu
puraanam. In the puraanam, it is said that Brahma went into meditation
and created the nine brahmarishis some of whom became uninterested 
in progeney, without desire or passion. Due this, it is said that Brahma
got angry and the fire out of his forehead became Rudhra
(siva) who then split from brahma on his demand and became
two, a man and a woman. This part of the origin of Rudhra 
seems to be accapted by almost all puraanams like linga 
and siva puraanam. 

The story that brahma created all other deities, living
and non living things as a result of his meditation, 
and combined with the part that Supreme Lord Visnu created
Brahma at the begining of the krita yuga, probably justifies
the vaishnavite belief in worship of Lord Naarayana  is 
superior  and sufficient if it complete and total.