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Re: Murugan and thirumangai aazhvaar

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Dec 28 1995 - 11:01:27 PST

>From: (Badrinarayanan Seshadri)
>I am not sure if KS is making fun of me or K.Zvelebil or
>K.Kirusnamacariyar or the person(s) who wrote the Guruparampara
>But, in any case, it is easy to disprove the following claim!

Let there be no doubt what so ever that I am making fun or putting
anybody down. Authority or amateur. That has never been my intention
any time. I did not anticipate that associating Murugan with thirumangai,
and thus making "murugan" as an amsam of Lord Vishnu should
offend anybody.
[Even if one already had a conclusive proof that it is impossible].

I have no problem in admitting what Kamil Zvebil says based on
his vast knowledge. Same goes for most erudites who quote a
"lot of references".

It was only a speculation.

I had also speculated elsewhere that Sri Venkatewara, Murugan,
Ayyappan could have been humans. Due to various reasons, they were
deified by their followers. Then later associated with appropriate
deities of the Hindu mythology. Same thing with others
like madhurai veeran, ellamma etc. who are considered very powerful,
by their followers today.
In recent history, Sri Ramanuja has been linked to AdisEshan.

Srinivasan K