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From: Thirumalai Anandanpillai (
Date: Thu Dec 28 1995 - 09:08:34 PST

Subject: Re: Murugan and thirumangai aazhvaar

> thirumangai was born on karthikai month karthikai star and is "karthikEyan"
> Murugan is also "karthikEyan".
> thirumangai is "kaliyan", Murugan is "kali yuga varadhan".
> Both carry vEl. I suppose one can call thirumangai as "vElan."
> Could they have been the same person?
No. The reason why Thirumangai aazhvaar has a vEl is as follows:
After thirumangai aazhvaar became a Vaishnavite, he undertook a pilgrimage
of the divya desams. When he came back and went through his home town area,
all the people there paid great respect to him. A naayanmaar who was in 
the town was amazed by this and he challenged aazhvaar to a debate and
aazhvaar won. The naayanmaar presented the aazhvaar with a vEl on this
occasion. That is why aazhvaar carries the vEL and is called kaliyan