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From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Dec 26 1995 - 14:35:16 PST

Dear Vijay: Both Mani and yourself have answered
the questions on Sriman Narayana  asTHE Para Tatvam.
This is  a cardinal point of Vaishnavism as a religion taught to
us by our Acharyas  using scriptural passages quoted by Mani 
and yourself as authority. Adi Sankara has upheld the supermacy of
Narayana in all his works. His order of Sanyasis even today 
conclude their leters with Narayana Smrithi .Three of 
Adi Sankara are in pilgrim centers like Badrikaasram, Dwaraka and Puri
known as ancient centers of pilgrimage related to Vishnu.   Sringeri Acharyas'
residence is named Narasimha Vanam. The Saguna Brahman in 
Advaita Vedantha is none other than Sriman Narayana.The Mahopanishad
states clearly "Eko ha Vai Narayana AAsit" at the outset. Other upanishad states
 " Suddho Deva Eka Narayana:". It states that He is the one and only reality and
the others were born through Him.Nothing is more important than 
the monotheistic Rg Vedam and its Purusha Sooktham, which has 
been replicated with minor variations in other 3  Vedas.. Incidentally, I 
caught up with Sri Sundar"s transaltion of Purusha Sooktham in
 the Sri Vaishnava  Home pageand was very much moved
 by the tremendous research that  went behind it.

Maha Bharata states clearly "Na Vishnoh Paramo Deva:" The terms Isana 
and Siva have been reconciled under the Etymological meanings. Sage Vyasa
says clearly elsewhere," After  a very careful examination of all the sacred 
into their purport, we come to one obvious conclusion (Vichaarya cha puna:
Idam ekam sunishpannam ) , that the deity to be mediated upon at all times is

One can pile up more and more from Agamas, Puranas, Ithihasas, Samhitas
and Upanishads about the supermacy of Sriman Narayana. After Vyasa Deva"s 
statement quoted above, there is no need for more proofs..

My reference on Shanmathas of Adi Sankara was a point in the context of 
the comments on Murughan. I am glad that it generated a good discussion 
on the fundamentals of Sri Vaishnavism.

I take this opportunity to wish every member of this group a Happy, Healthy
and prosperous New Year  1996. I joined this group six months ago and 
have had a great  deal of pleasure in participating in the discussions of this
May we  succeed with theinauguration of the Sri Vaishnava Thondar Kuzhaam
the blessings of the Divya Dampathis in 1996! . May our 108 Divya Desam CD ROM
progress during the coming weeks . There is a  double Sravanam coming about on 
March 18, if I remember right. This unusual occuerence happens once in  4 Years.

May we succeed in completing our work on the CD ROM Project by that date and 
offer it to THEM on that  day!