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Re: Murugan

Date: Tue Dec 26 1995 - 07:02:28 PST

     entharo mahAnu bhAvulu, anthariki maa vanthanamulu....

     Sri Vijay writes:

     I am unable to clearly place the reason why Sriman Narayana's form
     alone is  considered in our system to represent the Supreme Being.  Is
     there any basis other than the Puranas.  For example: from the
     principal upanishads.....

     As far as I know about this subject, Rig Veda has hymns on various
     gods (in fact, on the Shanmatha gods), Vishnu being one of the
     principal ones. Indra and Siva are examples of other. But Lord Vishnu
     is not elevated to the supreme position in Rig Veda. Here, he is
     acknowledged and worshipped as Yajamaanaha, the Lord of Yajnas. But in
     Krishna Yajur Veda (My ignorance of Shukla Yajur Veda prevents me from
     confidently quoting it!), Lord Vishnu gains prominence as Lord
     Naaraayanaa and Lord Vaasudevaa (Gaayathri - Naaraayanaaya Vidhmahe
     Vaasudevaaya dheemahi, thanno Vishnuh Prachodhayath). According to
     what I understand, the vedic basis of our Sampradhaayam are the Sri,
     Purusha, Naaraayana, Vishnu, Bhoo and NeeLa Sookthams. The
     Vaishnavaite version of Sri, Purusha and Naaraayana Sookthams differ
     from the smaartha version, in that certain verses are not recited or
     have undergone modification to be in sync with the tradition of
     worshipping Sriman Naaraayana as the supreme Lord. Other tributes like
     'thath thvam asi', 'Ekam sadhvipraah bahudhaa vadhanthi (Rig VEda)',
     'Sa EkO na ramyathE' (roughly translates to He did not enjoy it all
     alone) have been open to interpretation, but are also quoted by our
     Sampradaaya pravarthakaas as referring to Sriman Naaraayanaa only.
     There are other tributes that I don't remember off-hand.

     Another thing: Brihadhaaranyaka Upanishad is as much revered in our
     sampradaayam like Thaittriyam. Supposedly has some more pramaanams
     regarding Sriman Naaraayanaa's supremacy. There are also hymns in
     praise of Him in the Saama vEda. Again, I am incompetent in this
     subject to add any more useful information.

     As you have rightly said, Sri Sadagopan's well-researched article on
     this will shed greater (and definitely better!) light on this subject.
     I am looking forward to his article as much as you and everybody else.

     asathya Evam dur vaacham Kshandavyam ithi.