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Re: Murugan

From: Vijay Srinivasan (
Date: Tue Dec 26 1995 - 04:58:35 PST

Dear Sadagopan:

I really enjoy reading your well researched articles.  During discussions here 
with my friends in different study-groups, I am unable to clearly place the 
reason why Sriman Narayana's form alone is  considered in our system to 
represent the Supreme Being.  Is there any basis other than the Puranas.  For 
example: from the principal upanishads.  This question of mine was rather 
triggered by your reference to Shanmatha sthapana of Sri Sankaracharya (w.r.t. 
Murugan).  While I understand Shankara himself was a Narayana worshipper, 
nevertheless he gave equal importance to all forms.  Thank you.