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From: Raymond Crawford (
Date: Sun Dec 24 1995 - 02:36:31 PST

Dear Sri Sadagopan
Dear Sri Jaganath
Thank you very much for offering to help me. My daughter found this entry 
(this is in her own words) in the Encl Britannica.  I was unable to find any 
reference to Murugan at all in the Puranic Encl.  

He is the chief diety of the ancient tamils, and is quite popular today. 
Because of his fierce, warlike qualities, he is identified with the North 
Indian god of war, Indra.  When on the battlefield, Murugan and his mother, 
Korravai, would indulge in cannibal feasts. His weapons were the trident and 
spear and his banner featured the emblem of a fowl.
He is also regarded as a fertility god and it is said his worship included 
orgiastic dancing.  A guide to the worship of Murugan, called 
Tirimururarruppatai, which was written prior to the 7th cent AD, lists the 
chief shrines the devotee should visit.

I would greatly appreciate any, and all, information you can send me. Murugan 
was a name I had heard only a couple of times, and then only in a vague way,  
then I read a post that he is worshipped by Srivaishnavas so I became 

Kindest regards

>Sent: 	Friday, 22 December 1995 01:47
>Subject: 	Murugan
>I am not sure what database you are referring to or what is the
>nature of your question.  If the name murugan is in connection with a
>person on the email group then only Mani can help you.  If you are
>asking a question about scriptures then Murugan is the Tamil name for
>Kaarthikeya also known as Skanda the second son of Shiva and Parvati.
>He uses as peacock as a mode of transportation and is the general of
>the army of Devas and has two wives one of whom is known in Tamil as
>Valli.  I believe in North India he is considered to be a bachelor.
>His worship is very popular among non Vaishnavas in Tamil Nadu.

From: 	V. Sadagopan
Sent: 	Sunday, 24 December 1995 04:55
To: 	Raymond Crawford
Subject: 	Message from Internet

Dear Sri Ramadas: Murugan is the Tamil name for 
Subramanya , the second son of Lord Siva and his 
consort Parvati.
There is a whole series of literature in Tamil and 
Sanskrit on Murugan, his temples et al.
What type of Informationa re you seeking?I can help
as needed.
Regards, Sadagopan